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bzr 1.6rc4 available

Written for Bazaar by John A Meinel on 2008-08-19

We discovered a bug in the knit => pack fetch/upgrade code that would cause the copy to use fulltexts rather than deltas. This lead to a heavy increase in memory consumption and left a repository that was not properly delta compressed.

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bzr 1.6rc3 released

Written for Bazaar by John A Meinel on 2008-08-15

I'm proud to announce the release of the 3rd candidate for becoming bzr-1.6. There have been lots of updates since 1.5, you can see the various changelogs here:

I would just like to highlight that this release includes the ability to stack branches without copying all of history. Also, the windows standalone installer now includes TortoiseBzr as a way to provide an interface that feels more natural on windows.

If there are no regressions found in rc3, it will become 1.6-final on August 21st.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this excellent release.

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bzr 1.5 released

Written for Bazaar by Martin Albisetti on 2008-05-18

Bazaar 1.5 final This release of Bazaar includes several updates to the documentation, and fixes to prepare for making rich root support the default format. Many bugs have been squashed, including fixes to log, bzr+ssh inter-operation with older servers.

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bzr 1.5rc1 available

Written for Bazaar by John A Meinel on 2008-05-10

The first release candidate for bzr 1.5 has been released. Your help in testing it is appreciated. It includes improvements in status and diff, as well as preparations for migrating to rich-root-pack as the recommended format.

bzr 1.4 released

Written for Bazaar by Martin Pool on 2008-05-02

This release of Bazaar includes handy improvements to the speed of log and
status, new options for several commands, improved documentation, and better
hooks, including initial code for server-side hooks. A number of bugs have
been fixed, particularly in interoperability between different formats or
different releases of Bazaar over there network. There's been substantial
internal work in both the repository and network code to enable new features
and faster performance.

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