Bazaar 2.0.2 "after the scare"

Second bugfix-only stable release in the 2.0.x series

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after the scare
John A Meinel
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1 Aaron Bentley, 2 Andrew Bennetts, 1 Martin Pool, 1 Matt Nordhoff
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download icon bzr-2.0.2-1-setup.exe (md5, sig) bzr 2.0.2-1 Windows Standalone Installer 8,173
last downloaded 13 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.0.2-1.win32-py2.6.exe (md5, sig) bzr 2.0.2-1 python2.6 installer 699
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.0.2-1.win32-py2.5.exe (md5, sig) bzr 2.0.2-1 python2.5 installer 890
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.0.2-1.win32-py2.4.exe (md5, sig) bzr 2.0.2-1 python2.4 installer 178
last downloaded 7 days ago
download icon Bazaar2.0.2-1.pkg (md5, sig) Bazaar 2.0.2 Mac OS X 10.6 Installer 1,841
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon bzr-2.0.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) bzr 2.0.2 source 2,201
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 13,982

Release notes 

The second in our "let's keep the stable bugfixes flowing" series. As expected this has a few (~9) bugfixes relative to 2.0.1, and no major api changes or features.


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The second in our "let's keep the stable bugfixes flowing" series. As
expected this has a few (~9) bugfixes relative to 2.0.1, and no major api
changes or features.

Bug Fixes

* Avoid "NoneType has no attribute st_mode" error when files disappear
  from a directory while it's being read. (Martin Pool, #446033)

* Content filters are now applied correctly after revert.
  (Ian Clatworthy)

* Diff parsing handles "Binary files differ" hunks. (Aaron Bentley, #436325)

* Fetching from stacked pre-2a repository via a smart server no longer
  fails intermittently with "second push failed to complete".
  (Andrew Bennetts, #437626)

* Fix typos left after test_selftest refactoring.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, Matt Nordhoff, #461149)

* Fixed ``ObjectNotLocked`` errors during ``bzr log -r NNN somefile``.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #445171)

* PreviewTree file names are not limited by the encoding of the temp
  directory's filesystem. (Aaron Bentley, #436794)


* ``bzr log`` now read-locks branches exactly once, so makes better use of
  data caches. (Andrew Bennetts)


* Filtered views user documentation upgraded to refer to format 2a
  instead of pre-2.0 formats. (Ian Clatworthy)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
437626 #437626 [sru] exceptions.AssertionError: second push failed to complete a fetch set 3 High Andrew Bennetts  10 Fix Released
445171 #445171 ObjectNotLocked doing 'bzr log -r 199 path/to/file' 3 High Andrew Bennetts  10 Fix Released
436794 #436794 Preview diff generation can die with unicode filenames 4 Medium Aaron Bentley  10 Fix Released
446033 #446033 NoneType has no attribute st_mode in _readdir_pyx.UTF8DirReader.read_dir 4 Medium Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
461149 #461149 test_transport_sftp backtraces if paramiko isn't present 4 Medium Matt Nordhoff  10 Fix Released
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