Bazaar 2.1.0 "Strasbourg"

This release will go into lucid, and will be developed under the six-month-cycle plan.
It is expected to continue to receive bugfixes for at least six-months, likely one year. Possibly longer since Lucid is also an LTS.

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Release notes 

This release marks our second long-term-stable series. The Bazaar team has decided that we will continue to make bugfix-only 2.0.x and 2.1.x releases, along with 2.2 development releases.

This is a fairly incremental update, focusing on polish and bugfixing. There are no changes for supported disk formats. Key updates include reduced memory consumption for many operations, a new per-file merge hook, ignore patterns can now include '!' to exclude files, globbing support for all commands on Windows, and support for addressing home directories via ``bzr+ssh://host/~/`` syntax.

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the 2.0 stable series.


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This is the full log of changes versus 2.0.4.

bzr 2.1.0

:Codename: Strasbourg
:2.1.0: 2010-02-11

This release marks our second long-term-stable series. The Bazaar team
has decided that we will continue to make bugfix-only 2.0.x and 2.1.x
releases, along with 2.2 development releases.

This is a fairly incremental update, focusing on polish and bugfixing.
There are no changes for supported disk formats. Key updates include
reduced memory consumption for many operations, a new per-file merge
hook, ignore patterns can now include '!' to exclude files, globbing
support for all commands on Windows, and support for addressing home
directories via ``bzr+ssh://host/~/`` syntax.

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the 2.0 stable series.

Bug Fixes

* Don't require testtools to use sftp.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #516183)

* Fix "AttributeError in Inter1and2Helper" during fetch.
  (Martin Pool, #513432)

* Handle renames correctly when there are files or directories that
  differ only in case. (Chris Jones, Martin Pool, #368931)

* If ``bzr push --create-prefix`` triggers an unexpected ``NoSuchFile``
  error, report that error rather than failing with an unhelpful
  (Andrew Bennetts, #423563)

* Ignore ``KeyError`` from ``remove_index`` during ``_abort_write_group``
  in a pack repository, which can happen harmlessly if the abort occurs during
  finishing the write group. Also use ``bzrlib.cleanup`` so that any
  other errors that occur while aborting the individual packs won't be
  hidden by secondary failures when removing the corresponding indices.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #423015)

* Using the ``bzrlib.chk_map`` module from within multiple threads at the
  same time was broken due to race conditions with a module level page
  cache. This shows up as a KeyError in the ``bzrlib.lru_cache`` code with
  ``bzrlib.chk_map`` in the backtrace, and can be triggered without using
  the same high level objects such as ``bzrlib.repository.Repository``
  from different threads. chk_map now uses a thread local cache which may
  increase memory pressure on processes using threads.
  (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel, #514090)

* The new ``merge_file_content`` should now be ok with tests to avoid
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #515597)


* Added ``location-alias`` help topic.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #337834)

* Use ``bzrlib.cleanup`` rather than less robust ``try``/``finally``
  blocks in several places in ``bzrlib.merge``. This avoids masking prior
  errors when errors like ``ImmortalPendingDeletion`` occur during cleanup
  in ``do_merge``.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #517275)

API Changes

* The ``remove_index`` method of
  ``bzrlib.repofmt.pack_repo.AggregateIndex`` no longer takes a ``pack``
  argument. This argument was always ignored.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #423015)

bzr 2.1.0rc2

:Codename: after the bubbles
:2.1.0rc2: 2010-01-29

This is a quick-turn-around to update a small issue with our new per-file
merge hook. We expect no major changes from this to the final 2.1.0.

API Changes

* The new ``merge_file_content`` hook point has been altered to provide a
  better API where state for extensions can be stored rather than the
  too-simple function based approach. This fixes a performance regression
  where branch configuration would be parsed per-file during merge. As
  part of this the included news_merger has been refactored into a base
  helper class ``bzrlib.merge.ConfigurableFileMerger``.
  (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel, #513822)

bzr 2.1.0rc1

:Codename: the 'new' stable
:2.1.0rc1: 2009-01-21

This is the first stable release candidate for Bazaar's 2.1 series. From
this point onwards, the 2.1 series will be considered stable (as the 2.0
series) and only bugfixes are expected to be incorporated. The dozen or so
bugfixes in the 2.0.4 release are also included in this release (along
with more than 15 more bugfixes). Some of the interesting features are
support for per-file merge hooks, ``bzr unshelve --preview``, support
for using ! in ignore files to exclude files from being ignored, a small
memory leak was squashed, and many ``ObjectNotLocked`` errors were fixed.
This looks to be a very good start for a new stable series.

New Features

* Add bug information to log output when available.
  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, Guillermo Gonzalez, #251729)

* Added ``merge_file_content`` hook point to ``Merger``, allowing plugins
  to register custom merge logic, e.g. to provide smarter merging for
  particular files.

* Bazaar now includes the ``news_merge`` plugin. It is disabled by
  default, to enable it add a ``news_merge_files`` option to your
  configuration. Consult ``bzr help news_merge`` for more information.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* ``bzr branch`` now takes a ``--bind`` option. This lets you
  branch and bind all in one command. (Ian Clatworthy)

* ``bzr switch`` now takes a ``--revision`` option, to allow switching to
  a specific revision of a branch. (Daniel Watkins, #183559)

* ``bzr unshelve --preview`` can now be used to show how a patch on the
  shelf would be applied to the working tree.
  (Guilherme Salgado, #308122)

* ``bzr update`` now takes a ``--revision`` argument. This lets you
  change the revision of the working tree to any revision in the
  ancestry of the current or master branch. (Matthieu Moy, Mark Hammond,
  Martin Pool, #45719)

* ``-Dbytes`` can now be used to display the total number of bytes
  transferred for the current command. This information is always logged
  to ``.bzr.log`` for later inspection. (John Arbash Meinel)

* New ignore patterns. Patterns prefixed with '!' are exceptions to
  ignore patterns and take precedence over regular ignores. Such
  exceptions are used to specify files that should be versioned which
  would otherwise be ignored. Patterns prefixed with '!!' act as regular
  ignore patterns, but have highest precedence, even over the '!'
  exception patterns. (John Whitley, #428031)

* The ``supress_warnings`` configuration option has been introduced to disable
  various warnings (it currently only supports the ``format_deprecation``
  warning). The new option can be set in any of the following locations:
  ``bazaar.conf``, ``locations.conf`` and/or ``branch.conf``.
  (Ted Gould, Matthew Fuller, Vincent Ladeuil)

Bug Fixes

* Always show a message if an OS error occurs while trying to run a
  user-specified commit message editor.
  (Martin Pool, #504842)

* ``bzr diff`` will now use the epoch when it is unable to determine
  the timestamp of a file, if the revision it was introduced in is a
  ghost. (Jelmer Vernooij, #295611)

* ``bzr switch -b`` can now create branches that are located using directory
  services such as ``lp:``, even when the branch name doesn't contain a
  '/'. (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #495263)

* ``bzr unshelve`` has improved messages about what it is doing.
  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #496917)

* Concurrent autopacking is more resilient to already-renamed pack files.
  If we find that a file we are about to obsolete is already obsoleted, we
  do not try to rename it, and we leave the file in ``obsolete_packs``.
  The code is also fault tolerant if a file goes missing, assuming that
  another process already removed the file.
  (John Arbash Meinel, Gareth White, #507557)

* Fix "Too many concurrent requests" in reconcile when network connection
  fails. (Andrew Bennetts, #503878)

* Fixed a side effect mutation of ``RemoteBzrDirFormat._network_name``
  that caused some tests to fail when run in a non-default order.
  Probably no user impact. (Martin Pool, #504102)

* Fixed ``ObjectNotLocked`` error in ``bzr cat -rbranch:../foo FILE``.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #506274)

* FTP transports support Unicode paths by encoding/decoding them as utf8.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #472161)

* Listen to the SIGWINCH signal to update the terminal width.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #316357)

* Progress bars are now hidden when ``--quiet`` is given.
  (Martin Pool, #320035)

* ``SilentUIFactory`` now supports ``make_output_stream`` and discards
  whatever is written to it. This un-breaks some plugin tests that
  depended on this behaviour.
  (Martin Pool, #499757)

* When operations update the working tree, all affected files should end
  up with the same mtime. (eg. when versioning a generated file, if you
  update the source and the generated file together, the generated file
  should appear up-to-date.)
  (John Arbash Meinel, Martin <gzlist>, #488724)


* Added ``add_cleanup`` and ``cleanup_now`` to ``bzrlib.command.Command``.
  All the builtin commands now use ``add_cleanup`` rather than
  ``try``/``finally`` blocks where applicable as it is simpler and more
  robust. (Andrew Bennetts)

* All except a small number of storage formats are now hidden, making
  the help for numerous commands far more digestible. (Ian Clatworthy)

* Attempts to open a shared repository as a branch (e.g. ``bzr branch
  path/to/repo``) will now include "location is a repository" as a hint in
  the error message. (Brian de Alwis, Andrew Bennetts, #440952)

* Push will now inform the user when they are trying to push to a foreign
  VCS for which roundtripping is not supported, and will suggest them to
  use dpush. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* The version of bzr being run is now written to the log file.
  (__monty__, #257170)

* Transport network activity indicator is shown more of the time when
  Bazaar is doing network IO.
  (Martin Pool)


* Add documentation on creating merges with more than one parent.
  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #481526)

* Better explain the --uncommitted option of merge.
  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #505088)

* Improve discussion of pending merges in the documentation for
  ``revert``. (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #505093)

* Improved help for ``bzr send``.
  (Martin Pool, Bojan Nikolic)

* There is a System Administrator's Guide in ``doc/en/admin-guide``,
  including discussions of installation, relevant plugins, security and
  backup. (Neil Martinsen-Burrell)

* The ``conflicts`` help topic has been renamed to ``conflict-types``.
  (Ian Clatworthy)

* The User Reference is now presented as a series of topics.
  Many of the included topics have link and format tweaks applied.
  (Ian Clatworthy)

API Changes

* Added ``cachedproperty`` decorator to ``bzrlib.decorators``.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* Many test features were renamed from ``FooFeature`` to ``foo_feature``
  to be consistent with instances being lower case and classes being
  CamelCase. For the features that were more likely to be used, we added a
  deprecation thunk, but not all. (John Arbash Meinel)

* Merger classes (such as ``Merge3Merger``) now expect a ``this_branch``
  parameter in their constructors, and provide ``this_branch`` as an
  attribute. (Andrew Bennetts)

* The Branch hooks pre_change_branch_tip no longer masks exceptions raised
  by plugins - the original exceptions are now preserved. (Robert Collins)

* The Transport ``Server.tearDown`` method is now renamed to
  ``stop_server`` and ``setUp`` to ``start_server`` for consistency with
  our normal naming pattern, and to avoid confusion with Python's
  ``TestCase.tearDown``. (Martin Pool)

* ``WorkingTree.update`` implementations must now accept a ``revision``


* Added ``BzrDir.open_branchV3`` smart server request, which can receive
  a string of details (such as "location is a repository") as part of a
  ``nobranch`` response. (Andrew Bennetts, #440952)

* New helper osutils.UnicodeOrBytesToBytesWriter which encodes unicode
  objects but passes str objects straight through. This is used for
  selftest but may be useful for diff and other operations that generate
  mixed output. (Robert Collins)

* New exception ``NoRoundtrippingSupport``, for use by foreign branch
  plugins. (Jelmer Vernooij)


* ``bzrlib.tests.permute_for_extension`` is a helper that simplifies
  running all tests in the current module, once against a pure python
  implementation, and once against an extension (pyrex/C) implementation.
  It can be used to dramatically simplify the implementation of
  ``load_tests``. (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``bzrlib.tests.TestCase`` now subclasses ``testtools.testcase.TestCase``.
  This permits features in testtools such as getUniqueInteger and
  getUniqueString to be used. Because of this, testtools version 0.9.2 or
  newer is now a dependency to run bzr selftest. Running with versions of
  testtools less than 0.9.2 will cause bzr to error while loading the test
  suite. (Robert Collins)

* Shell-like tests now support the command "mv" for moving files. The
  syntax for ``mv file1 file2``, ``mv dir1 dir2`` and ``mv file dir`` is
  supported. (Neil Martinsen-Burrell)

* The test progress bar no longer distinguishes tests that 'errored' from
  tests that 'failed' - they're all just failures.
  (Martin Pool)

bzr 2.1.0b4

:Codename: san francisco airport
:2.1.0b4: 2009-12-14

The fourth beta release in the 2.1 series brings with it a significant
number of bugfixes (~20). The test suite is once again (finally) "green"
on Windows, and should remain that way for future releases. There are a
few performance related updates (faster upgrade and log), and several UI
tweaks. There has also been a significant number of tweaks to the runtime
documentation. 2.1.0b4 include everything from the 2.0.3 release.

Compatibility Breaks

* The BZR_SSH environmental variable may now be set to the path of a secure
  shell client. If currently set to the value ``ssh`` it will now guess the
  vendor of the program with that name, to restore the old behaviour that
  indicated the SSH Corporation client use ``sshcorp`` instead as the magic
  string. (Martin <email address hidden>, #176292)

New Features

* ``bzr commit`` now has a ``--commit-time`` option.
  (Alexander Sack, #459276)

* ``-Dhpss`` now increases logging done when run on the bzr server,
  similarly to how it works on the client. (John Arbash Meinel)

* New option ``bzr unshelve --keep`` applies the changes and leaves them
  on the shelf. (Martin Pool, Oscar Fuentes, #492091)

* The ``BZR_COLUMNS`` envrionment variable can be set to force bzr to
  respect a given terminal width. This can be useful when output is
  redirected or in obscure cases where the default value is not
  appropriate. Pagers can use it to get a better control of the line
  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* The new command ``bzr lp-mirror`` will request that Launchpad update its
  mirror of a local branch. This command will only function if launchpadlib
  is installed.
  (Jonathan Lange)

Bug Fixes

* After renaming a file, the dirstate could accidentally reference
  ``source\\path`` rather than ``source/path`` on Windows. This might be a
  source of some dirstate-related failures. (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``bzr commit`` now detects commit messages that looks like file names
  and issues a warning.
  (Gioele Barabucci, #73073)

* ``bzr ignore /`` no longer causes an IndexError. (Gorder Tyler, #456036)

* ``bzr log -n0 -rN`` should not return revisions beyond its merged revisions.
  (#325618, #484109, Marius Kruger)

* ``bzr merge --weave`` and ``--lca`` will now create ``.BASE`` files for
  files with conflicts (similar to ``--merge3``). The contents of the file
  is a synthesis of all bases used for the merge.
  (John Arbash Meinel, #40412)

* ``bzr mv --quiet`` really is quiet now. (Gordon Tyler, #271790)

* ``bzr serve`` is more clear about the risk of supplying --allow-writes.
  (Robert Collins, #84659)

* ``bzr serve --quiet`` really is quiet now. (Gordon Tyler, #252834)

* Fix bug with redirected URLs over authenticated HTTP.
  (Glen Mailer, Neil Martinsen-Burrell, Vincent Ladeuil, #395714)

* Interactive merge doesn't leave branch locks behind. (Aaron Bentley)

* Lots of bugfixes for the test suite on Windows. We should once again
  have a test suite with no failures on Windows. (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``osutils.terminal_width()`` obeys the BZR_COLUMNS environment
  variable but returns None if the terminal is not a tty (when output is
  redirected for example). Also fixes its usage under OSes that doesn't
  provide termios.TIOCGWINSZ. Make sure the corresponding tests runs on
  windows too.
  (Joke de Buhr, Vincent Ladeuil, #353370, #62539)
  (John Arbash Meinel, Vincent Ladeuil, #492561)

* Terminate ssh subprocesses when no references to them remain, fixing
  subprocess and file descriptor leaks. (Andrew Bennetts, #426662)

* The ``--hardlink`` option of ``bzr branch`` and ``bzr checkout`` now
  works for 2a format trees. Only files unaffected by content filters
  will be hardlinked. (Andrew Bennetts, #408193)

* The new glob expansion on Windows would replace all ``\`` characters
  with ``/`` even if it there wasn't a glob to expand, the arg was quoted,
  etc. Now only change slashes if there is something being glob expanded.
  (John Arbash Meinel, #485771)

* Use our faster ``KnownGraph.heads()`` functionality when computing the
  new rich-root heads. This can cut a conversion time in half (mysql from
  13.5h => 6.2h) (John Arbash Meinel, #487632)

* When launching a external diff tool via bzr diff --using, temporary files
  are no longer created, rather, the path to the file in the working tree is
  passed to the external diff tool. This allows the file to be edited if the
  diff tool provides for this. (Gary van der Merwe, #490738)

* The launchpad-open command can now be used from a subdirectory of a
  branch, not just from the root of the branch.
  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #489102)


* ``bzr log`` is now faster. (Ian Clatworthy)

* ``bzr update`` provides feedback on which branch it is up to date with.
  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell)

* ``bzr upgrade`` from pre-2a to 2a can be significantly faster (4x).
  For details see the xml8 patch and heads() improvements.
  (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``bzrlib.urlutils.local_path_from_url`` now accepts
  'file://localhost/' as well as 'file:///' URLs on POSIX. (Michael

* The progress bar now shows only a spinner and per-operation counts,
  not an overall progress bar. The previous bar was often not correlated
  with real overall operation progress, either because the operations take
  nonlinear time, or because at the start of the operation Bazaar couldn't
  estimate how much work there was to do. (Martin Pool)


* Lots of documentation tweaks for inline help topics and command help

API Changes

* ``bzrlib.textui`` (vestigial module) removed. (Martin Pool)

* The Launchpad plugin now has a function ``login`` which will log in to
  Launchpad with launchpadlib, and ``load_branch`` which will return the
  Launchpad Branch object corresponding to a given Bazaar Branch object.
  (Jonathan Lange)


* New test Feature: ``ModuleAvailableFeature``. It is designed to make it
  easier to handle what tests you want to run based on what modules can be
  imported. (Rather than lots of custom-implemented features that were
  basically copy-and-pasted.) (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``osutils.timer_func()`` can be used to get either ``time.time()`` or
  ``time.clock()`` when you want to do performance timing.
  ``time.time()`` is limited to 15ms resolution on Windows, but
  ``time.clock()`` gives CPU and not wall-clock time on other platforms.
  (John Arbash Meinel)

* Several code paths that were calling ``Transport.get().read()`` have
  been changed to the equalivent ``Transport.get_bytes()``. The main
  difference is that the latter will explicitly call ``file.close()``,
  rather than expecting the garbage collector to handle it. This helps
  with some race conditions on Windows during the test suite and sftp
  tests. (John Arbash Meinel)


* TestCaseWithMemoryTransport no longer sets $HOME and $BZR_HOME to
  unicode strings. (Michael Hudson, #464174)

bzr 2.1.0b3

:codename: after sprint recovery
:2.1.0b3: 2009-11-16

this release was pushed up from its normal release cycle due to a
regression in python 2.4 compatibility in 2.1.0b2. since this regression
was caught before 2.1.0b2 was officially announced, the full changelog
includes both 2.1.0b3 and 2.1.0b2 changes.

highlights of 2.1.0b3 are: new globbing code for all commands on windows,
the test suite now conforms to python's trunk enhanced semantics (skip,
etc.), and ``bzr info -v`` will now report the correct branch and repo
formats for remote objects.

new features

* users can define a shelve editor to provide shelf functionality at a
  granularity finer than per-patch-hunk. (aaron bentley)

bug fixes

* fix for shell completion and short options. (beno��t pierre)

* hooks daughter classes should always call the base constructor.
  (alexander belchenko, vincent ladeuil, #389648)

* improve "binary files differ" hunk handling. (aaron bentley, #436325)

* on windows, do glob expansion at the command-line level (as is usually
  done in bash, etc.) this means that *all* commands get glob expansion
  (bzr status, bzr add, bzr mv, etc). it uses a custom command line
  parser, which allows us to know if a given section was quoted. it means
  you can now do ``bzr ignore "*.py"``.
  (john arbash meinel, #425510, #426410, #194450)

* sanitize commit messages that come in from the '-m' flag. we translate
  '\r\n' => '\n' and a plain '\r' => '\n'. the storage layer doesn't
  allow those because xml store silently translate it anyway. (the parser
  auto-translates \r\n => \n in ways that are hard for us to catch.)

* show correct branch and repository format descriptions in
  ``bzr info -v`` on a smart server location. (andrew bennetts, #196080)

* the fix for bug #186920 accidentally broke compatibility with python
  2.4. (vincent ladeuil, #475585)

* using ``repository.get_commit_builder().record_iter_changes()`` now
  correctly sets ``self.inv_sha1`` to a sha1 string and
  ``self.new_inventory`` to an inventory instance after calling
  ``self.finish_inventory()``. (previously it accidently set both values
  as a tuple on ``self.inv_sha1``. this was missed because
  ``repo.add_revision`` ignores the supplied inventory sha1 and recomputes
  the sha1 from the repo directly. (john arbash meinel)

* shelve command refuse to run if there is no real terminal.
  (alexander belchenko)

* avoid unnecessarily flushing of trace file; it's now unbuffered at the
  python level. (martin pool)


* include japanese translations for documentation (inada naoki)

* new api ``ui_factory.make_output_stream`` to be used for sending bulk
  (rather than user-interaction) data to stdout. this automatically
  coordinates with progress bars or other terminal activity, and can be
  overridden by guis.
  (martin pool, 493944)


* some of the core groupcompress functionality now releases the gil before
  operation. similar to how zlib and bz2 operate without the gil in the
  core compression and decompression routines. (john arbash meinel)


* -dhpssvfs will now trigger on ``remotebzrdir._ensure_real``, providing
  more debugging of vfs access triggers. (robert collins)

* knownfailure is now signalled to ``extendedtestresult`` using the same
  method that python 2.7 uses - ``addexpectedfailure``. (robert collins)

* ``--parallel=fork`` is now compatible with --subunit.
  (robert collins, vincent ladeuil, #419776)

* reporting of failures shows test ids not descriptions and thus shows
  parameterised tests correctly. (robert collins)

* testnotapplicable is now handled within the method rather
  than being looked for within ``extendedtestresult.adderror``. this
  provides better handling with other ``testresult`` objects, degrading to
  sucess rather than error. (robert collins)

* the private method ``_testconcluded`` on ``extendedtestresult`` has been
  removed - it was empty and unused. (robert collins)

* unavailablefeature is now handled within the method rather
  than being looked for within adderror. if the result object does not
  have an addnotsupported method, addskip is attempted instead, and
  failing that addsuccess. (robert collins)

* when a testresult does not have an addskip method, skipped tests are now
  reported as successful tests, rather than as errors. this change is
  to make it possible to get a clean test run with a less capable
  testresult. (robert collins)

bzr 2.1.0b2

:Codename: a load off my mind
:2.1.0b2: 2009-11-02

This is our second feature-filled release since 2.0, pushing us down the
path to a 2.1.0. Once again, all bugfixes in 2.0.2 are present in 2.1.0b2.

Key highlights in this release are: improved handling of
failures-during-cleanup for commit, fixing a long-standing bug with
``bzr+http`` and shared repositories, all ``lp:`` urls to be resolved
behind proxies, and a new StaticTuple datatype, allowing us to reduce
memory consumption (50%) and garbage collector overhead (40% faster) for
many operations.

* A new ``--concurrency`` option has been added as well as an associated
  BZR_CONCURRENCY environment variable to specify the number of
  processes that can be run concurrently when running ``bzr selftest``. The
  command-line option overrides the environment variable if both are
  specified. If none is specified. the number of processes is obtained
  from the OS as before. (Matt Nordhoff, Vincent Ladeuil)

Bug Fixes

* ``bzr+http`` servers no longer give spurious jail break errors when
  serving branches inside a shared repository. (Andrew Bennetts, #348308)

* Errors during commit are handled more robustly so that knock-on errors
  are less likely to occur, and will not obscure the original error if
  they do occur. This fixes some causes of ``TooManyConcurrentRequests``
  and similar errors. (Andrew Bennetts, #429747, #243391)

* Launchpad urls can now be resolved from behind proxies.
  (Gordon Tyler, Vincent Ladeuil, #186920)

* Reduce the strictness for StaticTuple, instead add a debug flag
  ``-Dstatic_tuple`` which will change apis to be strict and raise errors.
  This way, most users won't see failures, but developers can improve
  internals. (John Arbash Meinel, #471193)

* TreeTransform.adjust_path updates the limbo paths of descendants of adjusted
  files. (Aaron Bentley)

* Unicode paths are now handled correctly and consistently by the smart
  server. (Andrew Bennetts, Michael Hudson, #458762)


* When reading index files, we now use a ``StaticTuple`` rather than a
  plain ``tuple`` object. This generally gives a 20% decrease in peak
  memory, and can give a performance boost up to 40% on large projects.
  (John Arbash Meinel)

* Peak memory under certain operations has been reduced significantly.
  (eg, 'bzr branch launchpad standalone' is cut in half)
  (John Arbash Meinel)


* Filtered views user documentation upgraded to refer to format 2a
  instead of pre-2.0 formats. (Ian Clatworthy)

API Changes

* Remove deprecated ``CLIUIFactory``. (Martin Pool)

* ``UIFactory`` now has new ``show_error``, ``show_message`` and
  ``show_warning`` methods, which can be hooked by non-text UIs.
  (Martin Pool)


* Added ``bzrlib._simple_set_pyx``. This is a hybrid between a Set and a
  Dict (it only holds keys, but you can lookup the object located at a
  given key). It has significantly reduced memory consumption versus the
  builtin objects (1/2 the size of Set, 1/3rd the size of Dict). This is
  used as the interning structure for StaticTuple objects.
  (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``bzrlib._static_tuple_c.StaticTuple`` is now available and used by
  the btree index parser and the chk map parser. This class functions
  similarly to ``tuple`` objects. However, it can only point to a limited
  collection of types. (Currently StaticTuple, str, unicode, None, bool,
  int, long, float, but not subclasses). This allows us to remove it from
  the garbage collector (it cannot be in a cycle), it also allows us to
  intern the objects. In testing, this can reduce peak memory by 20-40%,
  and significantly improve performance by removing objects from being
  inspected by the garbage collector. (John Arbash Meinel)

* ``GroupCompressBlock._ensure_content()`` will now release the
  ``zlib.decompressobj()`` when the first request is for all of the
  content. (Previously it would only be released if you made a request for
  part of the content, and then all of it later.) This turns out to be a
  significant memory savings, as a ``zstream`` carries around approx 260kB
  of internal state and buffers. (For branching this drops peak
  memory from 382MB => 345MB.) (John Arbash Meinel)

* When streaming content between ``2a`` format repositories, we now clear
  caches from earlier versioned files. (So 'revisions' is cleared when we
  start reading 'inventories', etc.) This can have a significant impact on
  peak memory for initial copies (~200MB). (John Arbash Meinel)

bzr 2.1.0b1

:Codename: While the cat is away
:2.1.0b1: 2009-10-14

This is the first development release in the new split "stable" and
"development" series. As such, the release is a snapshot of
without creating a release candidate first. This release includes a
fair amount of internal changes, with deprecated code being removed,
and several new feature developments. People looking for a stable code
base with only bugfixes should focus on the 2.0.1 release. All bugfixes
present in 2.0.1 are present in 2.1.0b1.

Highlights include support for ``bzr+ssh://host/~/homedir`` style urls,
finer control over the plugin search path via extended BZR_PLUGIN_PATH
syntax, visible warnings when extension modules fail to load, and improved
error handling during unlocking.

New Features

* Bazaar can now send mail through Apple OS X
  (Brian de Alwis)

* ``bzr+ssh`` and ``bzr`` paths can now be relative to home directories
  specified in the URL. Paths starting with a path segment of ``~`` are
  relative to the home directory of the user running the server, and paths
  starting with ``~user`` are relative to the home directory of the named
  user. For example, for a user "bob" with a home directory of
  ``/home/bob``, these URLs are all equivalent:

  * ``bzr+ssh://bob@host/~/repo``
  * ``bzr+ssh://bob@host/~bob/repo``
  * ``bzr+ssh://bob@host/home/bob/repo``

  If ``bzr serve`` was invoked with a ``--directory`` argument, then no
  home directories outside that directory will be accessible via this

  This is a feature of ``bzr serve``, so pre-2.1 clients will
  automatically benefit from this feature when ``bzr`` on the server is
  upgraded. (Andrew Bennetts, #109143)

* Extensions can now be compiled if either Cython or Pyrex is available.
  Currently Pyrex is preferred, but that may change in the future.

* Give more control on BZR_PLUGIN_PATH by providing a way to refer to or
  disable the user, site and core plugin directories.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #412930, #316192, #145612)

Bug Fixes

* Bazaar's native protocol code now correctly handles EINTR, which most
  noticeably occurs if you break in to the debugger while connected to a
  bzr+ssh server. You can now can continue from the debugger (by typing
  'c') and the process continues. However, note that pressing C-\ in the
  shell may still kill the SSH process, which is bug 162509, so you must
  sent a signal to the bzr process specifically, for example by typing
  ``kill -QUIT PID`` in another shell. (Martin Pool, #341535)

* ``bzr add`` in a tree that has files with ``\r`` or ``\n`` in the
  filename will issue a warning and skip over those files.
  (Robert Collins, #3918)

* ``bzr dpush`` now aborts if uncommitted changes (including pending merges)
  are present in the working tree. The configuration option ``dpush_strict``
  can be used to set the default for this behavior.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #438158)

* ``bzr merge`` and ``bzr remove-tree`` now requires --force if pending
  merges are present in the working tree.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #426344)

* Clearer message when Bazaar runs out of memory, instead of a ``MemoryError``
  traceback. (Martin Pool, #109115)

* Don't give a warning on Windows when failing to import ``_readdir_pyx``
  as it is never built. (John Arbash Meinel, #430645)

* Don't restrict the command name used to run the test suite.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #419950)

* ftp transports were built differently when the kerberos python module was
  present leading to obscure failures related to ASCII/BINARY modes.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #443041)

* Network streams now decode adjacent records of the same type into a
  single stream, reducing layering churn. (Robert Collins)

* PreviewTree behaves correctly when get_file_mtime is invoked on an unmodified
  file. (Aaron Bentley, #251532)

* Registry objects should not use iteritems() when asked to use items().
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #430510)

* Weave based repositories couldn't be cloned when committers were using
  domains or user ids embedding '.sig'. Now they can.
  (Matthew Fuller, Vincent Ladeuil, #430868)


* Revision specifiers can now be given in a more DWIM form, without
  needing explicit prefixes for specifiers like tags or revision id's.
  See ``bzr help revisionspec`` for full details. (Matthew Fuller)

* Bazaar gives a warning before exiting, and writes into ``.bzr.log``, if
  compiled extensions can't be loaded. This typically indicates a
  packaging or installation problem. In this case Bazaar will keep
  running using pure-Python versions, but this may be substantially
  slower. The warning can be disabled by setting
  ``ignore_missing_extensions = True`` in ``bazaar.conf``.
  See also <>.
  (Martin Pool, #406113, #430529)

* Secondary errors that occur during Branch.unlock and Repository.unlock
  no longer obscure the original error. These methods now use a new
  decorator, ``only_raises``. This fixes many causes of
  ``TooManyConcurrentRequests`` and similar errors.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #429747)


* Describe the new shell-like test feature. (Vincent Ladeuil)

* Help on hooks no longer says 'Not deprecated' for hooks that are
  currently supported. (Ian Clatworthy, #422415)

API Changes

* ``bzrlib.user_encoding`` has been removed; use
  ``bzrlib.osutils.get_user_encoding`` instead. (Martin Pool)

* ``bzrlib.tests`` now uses ``stopTestRun`` for its ``TestResult``
  subclasses - the same as python's unittest module. (Robert Collins)

* ``diff._get_trees_to_diff`` has been renamed to
  ``diff.get_trees_and_branches_to_diff``. It is now a public API, and it
  returns the old and new branches. (Gary van der Merwe)

* ``bzrlib.trace.log_error``, ``error`` and ``info`` have been deprecated.
  (Martin Pool)

* ``MutableTree.has_changes()`` does not require a tree parameter anymore. It
  now defaults to comparing to the basis tree. It now checks for pending
  merges too. ``Merger.check_basis`` has been deprecated and replaced by the
  corresponding has_changes() calls. ``Merge.compare_basis``,
  ``Merger.file_revisions`` and ``Merger.ensure_revision_trees`` have also
  been deprecated.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #440631)

* ``ProgressTask.note`` is deprecated.
  (Martin Pool)


* Added ``-Drelock`` debug flag. It will ``note`` a message every time a
  repository or branch object is unlocked then relocked the same way.
  (Andrew Bennetts)

* ``BTreeLeafParser.extract_key`` has been tweaked slightly to reduce
  mallocs while parsing the index (approx 3=>1 mallocs per key read).
  This results in a 10% speedup while reading an index.
  (John Arbash Meinel)

* The ``bzrlib.lsprof`` module has a new class ``BzrProfiler`` which makes
  profiling in some situations like callbacks and generators easier.
  (Robert Collins)


* Passing ``--lsprof-tests -v`` to bzr selftest will cause lsprof output to
  be output for every test. Note that this is very verbose! (Robert Collins)

* Setting ``BZR_TEST_PDB=1`` when running selftest will cause a pdb
  post_mortem to be triggered when a test failure occurs. (Robert Collins)

* Shell-like tests can now be written. Code in ``bzrlib/tests/`` ,
  documentation in ``developers/testing.txt`` for details.
  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* Some tests could end up with the same id, that was dormant for
  a long time.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #442980)

* Stop showing the number of tests due to missing features in the test
  progress bar. (Martin Pool)

* Test parameterisation now does a shallow copy, not a deep copy of the test
  to be parameterised. This is not expected to break external use of test
  parameterisation, and is substantially faster. (Robert Collins)

* Tests that try to open a bzr dir on an arbitrary transport will now
  fail unless they have explicitly permitted the transport via
  ``self.permit_url``. The standard test factories such as ``self.get_url``
  will permit the urls they provide automatically, so only exceptional
  tests should need to do this. (Robert Collins)

* The break-in test no longer cares about clean shutdown of the child,
  instead it is happy if the debugger starts up. (Robert Collins)

* The full test suite is expected to pass when the C extensions are not
  present. (Vincent Ladeuil, #430749)

0 blueprints and 11 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
513432 #513432 AttributeError: 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo' 2 Critical Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
513432 #513432 AttributeError: 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo' 2 Critical Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
514090 #514090 KeyError in lru_cache when loggerhead is heavily loaded 2 Critical Robert Collins  10 Fix Released
515597 #515597 TypeError: merge_text() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given) 2 Critical Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
516183 #516183 sftp transport module requires testtools 2 Critical Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
374730 #374730 log dir is slow in development-rich-root 4 Medium John A Meinel  10 Fix Released
512835 #512835 doc overview doesn't distinguish 2.1 from trunk 4 Medium Martin Pool  10 Fix Released
337834 #337834 AliasDirectory locations are undocumented 1 Undecided Andrew Bennetts  10 Fix Released
402139 #402139 Branching a large 2a branch uses lots of memory 1 Undecided John A Meinel  10 Fix Released
517275 #517275 bzrlib.merge do_merge has fragile cleanups 1 Undecided Andrew Bennetts  10 Fix Released
522496 #522496 cmd_uncommit hungs when executed from qrun 1 Undecided EdB  10 Fix Released
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