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BzrLog is a log oriented GUI for Bazaar version control system.
It allows to take notes as one hacks and to generate a nicely formatted log file at commit time.
Moreover, BzrLog automatically generates and maintains files NEWS, TODO and VERSION.
BzrLog can bee seen as a specialised editor intended to ease and improve the logging of projects.
BzrLog is the successor of ArchLog which focused on the Arch revision control system (both "tla"
and "bzr").

The key features of BzrLog are:

 - small window which can be kept in one corner of your screen and
   filled as you hack
 - project manager allowing to change name/version and
   add/remove/delete/ignore files
 - fully customisable from the GUI
 - changes grouped by categories (like _Changes_, _Features_ or
   _Bugs_) which are itemised in different ways in the log file
 - reviewing the log file and committing from the GUI
 - todo manager allowing to create tasks in the different categories,
   when a task is finished, it is moved to the appropriate category
 - "TODO", "NEWS" and "VERSION" files generation
 - global and per project preferences
 - creation of archive to distribute the project in various formats
   ("tar", "tar.gz", "tar.bz2" and "zip")
 - free software

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Johannes Dewender
Johannes Dewender

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Latest version is 1.1
released on 2008-07-20

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