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Cairo-Dock is a pretty, light and convenient interface to your desktop, able to replace advantageously your system panel! It features multi-docks, taskbar, launchers and a lot of useful applets. Applets can be detached from the dock to act as desktop widgets. Numerous ready-to-use themes are available in 1 click, and can be easily customized at your convenience. It can use hardware acceleration to be very fast and low on CPU. Some screenshots are available at .

This project is split in 3 parts :
  - Cairo-Dock-Core (the minimal -
  - Cairo-Dock-Plug-ins (a collection of views, applets, animations, effects, etc. -
  - Cairo-Dock-Plug-ins-Extras (a collection of third-party applets written in any language -
The Cairo-Dock-Session project aims to provide an easy way to install a session that is desktop agnostic and uses Cairo-Dock as a Shell (the main interface).


Please see our wiki for an excellent installation guide :
Tarballs of the sources are available at : and
A stable ppa is available here :
You can easily get the cutting-edge version of Cairo-dock thanks to our weekly-build repository :
  - for Ubuntu users :
  - for Debian users :

=== NEED SOME HELP ? ===

See our wiki !
You can find : how to launch the dock at startup, how to customise it, how to resolve some recurrent problems (black background, messages at startup, etc.) , how to help us, who we are, etc.
A useful tutorial is also available to help you customize your dock :

If you have other questions not solved on our wiki you can post them on our forum (in english or french) :


* Want to HACK into the dock or write an APPLET ? see the complete C API here :
* You don't like C and still want to write an APPLET for the dock or CONTROL it from a script or the terminal ? see its powerful DBus API here :
* You have some IDEAS / PROPOSITIONS ? You need some help to develop an applet ? Feel free post a topic on our forum ! We'll be happy to answer you !
* You want to TRANSLATE Cairo-Dock in your language ? Use the 'Translations' tab in Launchpad, it's very simple to use it and helpful for us !


You can report bugs in Launchpad under the 'Bugs' section. If possible :
 * Read our wiki : specially the 'Recurrent Problems' section : (which can help you to resolve some bug like a black background, messages at startup, etc.)
 * Please include also some information like your distribution, your achitecture (32/64bits), your Desktop Manager (Gnome, KDE, XFCE,...) your Window Manager (Compiz, Metacity, Kwin, etc.), if you use Cairo-Dock with or without OpenGL, with which theme, etc.
* Include the method to reproduce the bug (which actions, which options activated)
* Run the dock with the command
          cairo-dock -l debug > debug.txt
       reproduce the bug and join the content of debug.txt.
* If it's a crash and you know how to use a debugger (like ddd), it's extremely helpful.

Thanks for your help !

PS : for any bugs in BZR (alpha or beta release), please post them on our forum !