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Candie's an Animated Nested Design Interface Elements Set

The Clutter project is a fantastic tool for building animated, simple and touch-oriented interfaces. CANDIES (short for: Candie's an Animated Nested Design Interface Elements Set) is an LGPL2-licensed, OpenGL-powered Python GUI toolkit built on top of the Python clutter bindings.

It features:

    * a layout manager derived from wxWidgets code, handling alignment, fitting and positionning of GUI widgets (vertical, horizontal, grid, widget expansion, ...) as well as paged panels (tabs, scrollables)
    * various clutter base classes wrappers (animation, primitives, color, bitmap and cairo texture)
    * a preliminary widget collection useful for general purpose cases (buttons, sliders, keyboard input, dialog windows ...)
    * theming support (colors, border width and fonts declaration)
    * SVG skinning support with global SVG file caching (global color and font declaration)
    * python logging support

It will hopefully evolve into a handy, developer-friendly, clutter-based GUI building toolkit. We use it at UbiCast to power our touch video mixing interfaces. See the projects page for more details.

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