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Canonical System Image
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Canonical Devices Products
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Canonical System Image backlog None not yet released Priority issues to assign to upcoming ota updates
Bugs targeted: 2 New, 34 Incomplete, 9 Invalid, 13 Won't Fix, 330 Confirmed, 32 Triaged, 33 In Progress, 18 Fix Committed, 20 Fix Released
Canonical System Image u8c-3 "Unity8 on Classic 3" 2017-06-16 not yet released
Canonical System Image u8c-2 "Unity8 on Classic" 2017-05-05 not yet released Bugs targeted: 12 New, 2 Incomplete, 1 Invalid, 1 Won't Fix, 8 Confirmed, 18 Triaged, 13 In Progress, 2 Fix Committed, 6 Fix Released
Canonical System Image u8c-z "Unity8 on Zesty final" 2017-04-04 not yet released Bugs targeted: 1 New, 1 Confirmed, 1 Triaged, 3 In Progress, 1 Fix Committed, 26 Fix Released
Canonical System Image u8c-1 "Unity8 on Classic" 2017-03-24 2017-03-28 Unity8 session installed as a debian package, running deb and snap based apps.
15 of 5 results

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