CasLink Data-to-Audio Encoder Utility For Linux

CasLink Data-to-Audio Encoder Utility
Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Alexey Podrezov. All rights reserved.

This is a port project only. Original source code and additional information can be found at main project site (see link below).

This utility encodes files that are transfered via the MSX cassette interface with the help of most common sound hardware: mobile phone, PC sound card, CD or MP3 player.

Supported formats: BAS (tokenized/detokenized), SCR (screenshots), BIN (8/16/24 kb), ROM (8/16/24/32/49 kb).

The main goal of CasLink project is to allow loading programs and games into MSX computers from different audio devices. All MSX computers are equipped with a cassette recorder interface that was designed to save and load software from tapes. What CasLink does is basically simulating this interface. So CasLink allows to transform MSX binary and ASCII files into WAV or MP3 files that can be played back to MSX using a PC sound card, a CD or MP3 player through a simple audio cable.

CasLink is created primarily for MSX users who don't have floppy disk drives in their MSX computers. It can be also a relief for those, whose disk drives are broken. Those MSX users will be able to play their favorite games on their MSX computers again with the help of CasLink.

Install it into your Linux system using the commands below:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:amaurycarvalho/caslink3
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install caslink3

To run it at command line:


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