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Chamilo LMS is a very easy to use, free software, Learning Management System with lots of original idea to reduce the time and effort necessary for teachers to put their courses online and for students to use them.
Its development is currently managed at Github, but Launchpad is used for translations of version 2+:

Chamilo LMS is a complete e-learning suite that is very easy to use. The Chamilo LMS team strives to provide th world with a tool that changes education, giving the possibility for anyone to teach the world, focusing on usability. It ensures teachers will require minimum training and gain maximum benefits through the support of this Learning Management System.

Chamilo LMS also distinguishes himself from other LMSes through the provision of a "closed-doors" social networking system which allow institutions to provide the advantages of social networking without taking the risk of providing the students with unnecessary distractions like the common social networks and instant messaging systems around.

In this application, you will find more than 20 tools common for the distribution, the tracking and the improvement of learning content.

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