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Release notes 

Cloud-init release 17.2 is now available.

The 17.2 release:
 * spanned almost 3 months.
 * had 12 contributors from 7 domains.
 * Fixed 23 issues.
 * cli: Add clean and status subcommands

 - Support for identifying OVF datasource provided by VMware (LP: #1731868)
 - NoCloudKVM tests now run in continuous integration.
 - Datasources: Formalize DataSource get_data and related properties.
 - Remove prettytable dependency, introduce simpletable [Andrew Jorgensen]


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 - ds-identify: failure in NoCloud due to unset variable usage.
   (LP: #1737704)
 - tests: fix collect_console when not implemented [Joshua Powers]
 - ec2: Use instance-identity doc for region and instance-id
   [Andrew Jorgensen]
 - tests: remove leaked tmp files in config drive tests.
 - Do not include rendered files in SOURCES.txt
 - SUSE: remove delta in systemd local template for SUSE [Robert Schweikert]
 - tests: move to using tox 1.7.5
 - OVF: improve ds-identify to support finding OVF iso transport.
   (LP: #1731868)
 - VMware: Support for user provided pre and post-customization scripts
   [Maitreyee Saikia]
 - citest: In NoCloudKVM provide keys via metadata not userdata.
 - pylint: Update pylint to 1.7.1, run on tests/ and tools and fix
 - Datasources: Formalize DataSource get_data and related properties.
 - cli: Add clean and status subcommands
 - tests: consolidate platforms into specific dirs
 - ec2: Fix sandboxed dhclient background process cleanup. (LP: #1735331)
 - tests: NoCloudKVMImage do not modify the original local cache image.
 - tests: Enable bionic in integration tests. [Joshua Powers]
 - tests: Use apt-get to install a deb so that depends get resolved.
 - sysconfig: Correctly render dns and dns search info.
   [Ryan McCabe] (LP: #1705804)
 - integration test: replace curtin test ppa with cloud-init test ppa.
 - EC2: Fix bug using fallback_nic and metadata when restoring from cache.
   (LP: #1732917)
 - EC2: Kill dhclient process used in sandbox dhclient. (LP: #1732964)
 - ntp: fix configuration template rendering for openSUSE and SLES
   (LP: #1726572)
 - centos: Provide the failed #include url in error messages
 - Catch UrlError when #include'ing URLs [Andrew Jorgensen]
 - hosts: Fix openSUSE and SLES setup for /etc/hosts and clarify docs.
   [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1731022)
 - rh_subscription: Perform null checks for enabled and disabled repos.
   [Dave Mulford]
 - Improve warning message when a template is not found.
   [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1731035)
 - Replace the temporary with
 - Azure: don't generate network configuration for SRIOV devices
   (LP: #1721579)
 - tests: address some minor feedback missed in last merge.
 - tests: integration test cleanup and full pass of nocloud-kvm.
 - Gentoo: chmod +x on all files in sysvinit/gentoo/
   [ckonstanski] (LP: #1727126)
 - EC2: Limit network config to fallback nic, fix local-ipv4 only
   instances. (LP: #1728152)
 - Gentoo: Use "rc-service" rather than "service".
   [Carlos Konstanski] (LP: #1727121)
 - resizefs: Fix regression when system booted with root=PARTUUID=
   (LP: #1725067)
 - tools: make yum package installation more reliable
 - citest: fix remaining warnings raised by integration tests.
 - citest: show the class actual class name in results.
 - ntp: fix config module schema to allow empty ntp config (LP: #1724951)
 - tools: disable fastestmirror if using proxy [Joshua Powers]
 - schema: Log debug instead of warning when jsonschema is not available.
   (LP: #1724354)
 - simpletable: Fix get_string method to return table-formatted string
   (LP: #1722566)
 - net: Handle bridge stp values of 0 and convert to boolean type
 - tools: Give specific --abbrev=8 to "git describe"
 - network: bridge_stp value not always correct (LP: #1721157)
 - tests: re-enable tox with nocloud-kvm support [Joshua Powers]
 - systemd: remove limit on tasks created by cloud-init-final.service.
   [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1717969)
 - suse: Support addition of zypper repos via cloud-config.
   [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1718675)
 - tests: Combine integration configs and testcases [Joshua Powers]
 - Azure, CloudStack: Support reading dhcp options from systemd-networkd.
   [Dimitri John Ledkov] (LP: #1718029)
 - packages/debian/copyright: remove mention of boto and MIT license
 - systemd: only mention Before=apt-daily.service on debian based distros.
   [Robert Schweikert]
 - Add missing simpletable and simpletable tests for failed merge
 - Remove prettytable dependency, introduce simpletable [Andrew Jorgensen]
 - debian/copyright: dep5 updates, reorganize, add Apache 2.0 license.
   [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1718681)
 - tests: remove dependency on shlex [Joshua Powers]
 - AltCloud: Trust PATH for udevadm and modprobe.
 - DataSourceOVF: use util.find_devs_with(TYPE=iso9660) (LP: #1718287)
 - tests: remove a temp file used in bootcmd tests.

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1720841 #1720841 Output from boothook is not logged 4 Medium   6 Confirmed
1726489 #1726489 Need more happy path unit test coverage of cc_resizefs 4 Medium   7 Triaged
1731868 #1731868 cloud-id: enable ESXi 6.5.0 3 High Scott Moser  10 Fix Released
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