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CMON is a monitoring solution for MySQL Cluster complete with a web interface.

CMON is a daemon that aggregates information from MySQL Cluster that earlier was only accessible from the cluster log or the management client, such as:
    * cluster state
    * node state
    * backup statistics
    * statistics
    * cluster events (cluster log basically)
.. and let's you access the information using SQL, because CMON logs the information into ordinary MYISAM tables!
In the package you also get get php scripts that you can put on your webserver to generate graphs and get a www interface to CMON. CMON can also start ndbd nodes and make decisions on how they should be started (with or without --initial).

CMON also does analysis and suggests changes to mysql variables in case they are wrongly set.

Go here:

Quick guide to build cmon:
 bzr branch lp:cmon; cd cmon; sh ./autogen ; <make sure mysql_config is on the path>; ./configure; make && make install

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