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This is a new site to share Code::Blocks translation. The old original site ( is largely outdated !

Currently, English template is adapted for C::B version svn 13472 - February 20, 2024) (but usable for any C::B version as 20.03, 17.12, ...): for a different svn/version number, some strings still appear in English). It also contains translation strings for the CB clangd_client contrib plugin.

NOTE: There is sometimes a more or less long delay after the update ot the template (.pot file), or the translated file (.po) to change the status (Needs review -> Approved -> Imported). Don't worry, that's normal. Just verify the status in the Translations / import queue to have more informations.

Some pages and translations copied from the original site.

Code::Blocks is the open-source, cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
It is based on a self-developed plugin framework allowing unlimited extensibility.
Most of its functionality is already provided by plugins.

Some translations have been downloaded from the original site. Nevertheless, original translator's names are lost. Sorry !

NOTE : some items used by C::B are wxWidgets internal. So, they will be translated if the wxWidgets .mo file is available. Example: for a french translation on Windows, use the file found in C:\wxWidgets\locale, copy it in your C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\locale, and rename it 00fr.po. Like that, if the same string exist in the C::B translation and the wxWidgets translation, it's the C::B's one which will be finally used.

Most important official available plugins (included) are:
    * Compiler frontend to many free compilers
    * Debugger frontend for GDB (and CDB for windows platforms)
    * Source formatter (based on AStyle)
    * Code profiler (based on gprof)
    * Wizard to create new classes
    * Code-completion / class-browser (work in progress)
    * Code statistics (SLOCs etc)
    * Source exporter to PDF/HTML/ODT/RTF
    * Help
    * Keyboard shortcuts configuration
    * Wizard to create new Code::Blocks plugins
    * To-do list
    * GUI RAD builder (wxSmith)

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