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DataFinder is a lightweight data management application developed in Python that primarily targets the management of huge data accumulations, often encountered in the scientific field. The system is able to handle large amounts of data and can be easily integrated in existing working environments. It can be optimised to fit any situation by embedding scripts.

The new home of the project is:

    - Organisation of managed data objects within a hierarchical structure
      which is determined by a free-definable data model
          o Standardises and restricts data structure
          o Defines required and optional meta data of collections and imported data files
    - Import of data files into different storage locations
          o Support of standardised file transfer mechanisms, e.g., WebDAV, POSIX
          o Flexible configuration to fit the available infrastructure
          o Persistence layer can be easily extended by further file transfer mechanisms
    - Archival of managed data using Tivoli Storage Manager as storage back end
    - Support of standard file browser features, e.g. copying, moving, deletion, ...
    - Support of symbolic links on data objects and collections
    - Support of complex search queries based upon meta data
    - Platform-independent graphical user interfaces
          o Customisable user client supporting data management tasks
          o Administrative client supporting administration tasks,
             e.g., configuration of the data model and storage locations
    - Access to managed data via a Python API

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