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Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the complexity of backing up the Right Way (encrypted, off-site, and regular) and uses duplicity as the backend.

 • Support for local, remote, or cloud backup locations such as Google Drive and Nextcloud
 • Securely encrypts and compresses your data
 • Incrementally backs up, letting you restore from any particular backup
 • Schedules regular backups
 • Integrates well into your GNOME desktop

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Latest version is 38.3
released on 2019-01-17

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  • 38.3 Released on 2019-01-17
    This release fixes a few issues with symlinks, makes dialogs look more native...
  • 38.2 Released on 2019-01-05
    This release fixes a major issue preventing restoring from a location that yo...
  • 38.1 Released on 2018-12-07
    Removes the AppMenu in favor of an in-header primary menu. Drops support for ...
  • 38.0 Released on 2018-04-10
    This release excludes snap cache directories by default and fixes a monitor p...
  • 37.1 Released on 2018-01-02
    This release fixes a crash when restoring missing files and makes a message e...