DHIS 2 Academy m1-2010 "Milestone 1"

You are required to set up you wiki page with information about group members, introduction, detailed requirements, and roadmap and milestones.

Also, you must define some course grained blueprints for your work. It is hard to get it perfect at this time but it is still valuable to define sub-tasks, link them to milestones and allocate them to different group members. The project work requires active use of Lanchpad as it improves coordination between the group members and makes it easier to supervise you.

Milestone information

DHIS 2 Academy
Code name:
Milestone 1
No. Drivers cannot target bugs and blueprints to this milestone.  


Assigned to you:
No blueprints or bugs assigned to you.
1 Eirik Luka, 1 Henrik Wingerei, 1 Håkon Stordahl, 1 Jan Ole Skotterud, 1 Johannes Joch, 1 Jonathan Lillesæter, 3 Kamilla Rust, 1 Olav P, 1 Simen Sægrov, 2 Suhas Joshi, 2 Øyvind Nordseth Pettersen
2 Unknown, 1 Started, 1 Good progress, 12 Implemented
No bugs are targeted to this milestone.

16 blueprints and 0 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Complete Wikipedia-page 1 Undefined Suhas Joshi  0 Unknown
Explore the dhis2 project 1 Undefined Eirik Luka  0 Unknown
Get to know the android SDK 1 Undefined Simen Sægrov  7 Good progress
Advantages of porting the web layer. 1 Undefined Kamilla Rust  11 Implemented
Checkout source code 1 Undefined Kamilla Rust  11 Implemented
Compare Struts 2 with Spring Web MVC 1 Undefined Henrik Wingerei  11 Implemented
Complete the Wiki-page 1 Undefined Øyvind Nordseth Pettersen  11 Implemented
Complete the wikipage for the Android Project 1 Undefined Johannes Joch  11 Implemented
Complete wikkii 1 Undefined Kamilla Rust  11 Implemented
Finish setup 1 Undefined Jonathan Lillesæter  11 Implemented
Learn about JFreechart 1 Undefined Øyvind Nordseth Pettersen  11 Implemented
Sketch out the requirements for a process manager 1 Undefined Håkon Stordahl  11 Implemented
Wiki, Milestones and basic information 1 Undefined Suhas Joshi  11 Implemented
Write introduction-section in Facility wiki 1 Undefined Olav P  11 Implemented
checkout the project source code 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
mssql-wiki 1 Undefined Jan Ole Skotterud  5 Started
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