DHIS 2 Academy m4 "Milestone 4"

This is the final release of your project work, and it should have reached the level of a functional system/module.

The documentation should be extended with the following parts:

- User documentation, describing how to use your solution (if applicable).
- Technical documentation, describing the technical design of your solution and an overview of which projects and classes you have modified or added.

All group members have to commit code to Launchpad.

If you, for good reasons, were not able to complete the task, remaining tasks and description of key challenges should be documented.

In any case, the work should be well documented on your wiki page in order to make it easy to understand and possibly merge into trunk, and for later student groups to continue your work.

Milestone information

DHIS 2 Academy
Code name:
Milestone 4
Yes. Drivers can target bugs and blueprints to this milestone.  


Assigned to you:
No blueprints or bugs assigned to you.
1 Aage Dahl, 1 Arnab Kumar Datta, 1 Christina Haug, 1 Erik Tallang, 1 Henrik Alstad, 1 Joachim Ådnanes, 1 Karoline Lunder, 1 Khiem-Kim Ho Xuan, 2 Levent Demir, 1 Mads Pettersen, 1 Marius Tennøe, 1 Martin Bielecki, 1 Mattias Håheim Johnsen, 1 Simen Skogly Russnes, 1 Snorre Olimstad, 2 Soheil Mashayekhi
9 Unknown, 1 Good progress, 1 Beta Available, 7 Implemented, 1 Informational
No bugs are targeted to this milestone.

19 blueprints and 0 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
'other programs section' should have stages which are relevant to a patient 1 Undefined Levent Demir  11 Implemented
Stages should be aligned to the center 1 Undefined Levent Demir  11 Implemented
Documentation birth death 1 Undefined Marius Tennøe  8 Beta Available
Calendar internationalization 1 Undefined Soheil Mashayekhi  11 Implemented
Calender documentation 1 Undefined Soheil Mashayekhi  11 Implemented
Finish documentation Informational 1 Undefined   12 Informational
Documentation layout and instructions birth death 1 Undefined Mattias Håheim Johnsen  0 Unknown
Documentation of the functionality 1 Undefined Martin Bielecki  0 Unknown
Finished remaining tests 1 Undefined Aage Dahl  0 Unknown
Flow chart for Birth and death 1 Undefined Henrik Alstad  0 Unknown
Language support 1 Undefined Erik Tallang  0 Unknown
Picture and short tutorial for Birth and Death 1 Undefined Khiem-Kim Ho Xuan  0 Unknown
Technical documentation 1 Undefined Mads Pettersen  0 Unknown
User documentation 1 Undefined Christina Haug  0 Unknown
fix errors 1 Undefined Karoline Lunder  0 Unknown
android-reporting-final 1 Undefined Simen Skogly Russnes  7 Good progress
Complete data-entry overview file 1 Undefined Joachim Ådnanes  11 Implemented
Convert forms 1 Undefined Arnab Kumar Datta  11 Implemented
Technical documentation 1 Undefined Snorre Olimstad  11 Implemented
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