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Since Launchpad project groups can't have repositories associated with them, this project is the code for the "Divmod" project as it was last seen in's subversion repository. We are gradually migrating this code to other sites, but for now, any projects which are still present in this repository are developed here.

Projects still in this repository are:

  - Quotient, a webmail platform based on Mantissa
  - Reverend, a general-purpose Bayesian classifier
  - Sine, a SIP application server based on Mantissa
  - Hyperbola, a blogging platform based on Mantissa
  - Combinator (which is gradually being end-of-lifed as Twisted drifts away from Subversion, and probably should just be deleted when that's finished)
  - (Prime was a prototype that can probably just be ignored now and can be deleted.)

This used to contain several other projects, but they have moved:

 - Pyflakes is now hosted in its own repository: lp:pyflakes
 - Imaginary is now hosted on
 - Epsilon is now hosted on
 - Axiom is now hosted on
 - Nevow is now hosted on
 - Vertex is now hosted on
  - Mantissa is now hosted on

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