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Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a software package to manage small or medium sized companies, freelancers or foundations. We can say Dolibarr is an ERP or CRM (or both depending on activated modules).

It's an OpenSource project base built by modules addition (you enable only features you need). Dolibarr was built with simplicity in mind:
- Simple to install
- Simple to use
- Simple to develop

This is a summary of main Dolibarr features...

Products and services catalog
Stock management
Bank accounts management
Customers, Suppliers or Prospects directory
Contacts directory
Commercial actions management
Orders management with PDF generator
Commercial proposals management with PDF generator
Contracts management
Invoices management with PDF generator
Payments management
Standing orders management
Shipping management
Support NPR VAT (for French DOM-TOM)
Foundations members management
Bookmarks management
Point of Sale
Donations management
Data export tools
LDAP connectivity
A lot of other official or non official modules (AWStats, Bittorrent, Gravatar, Google...)
Multi-user, with several permissions levels for each feature.
Several menu managers (can be used by internal users, as a back-office, with a particular menu, or by external users, as a front-office, with another menu and permissions).
Very user friendly and easy to use.
Several skins.
Code is highly customizable (a lot of use of modules).

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Latest version is 3.4.0-nmu1
released on 2014-12-16

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