Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Dr. Geo II wip "Work In Progress" trunk None not yet released
Dr. Geo II 19.09 trunk None
Dr. Geo II 20.06 trunk 2020-06-30 not yet released Port to Pharo 8, 64bits image and virtual machine.
Dr. Geo II 19.06 trunk 2019-06-01
Dr. Geo II 19.03 trunk 2019-03-01 Newer virtual machines New features Bugs fix See details in Change log bello...
Dr. Geo II 18.06 trunk 2018-06-01 A lot of important changes to move Dr. Geo to Pharo 7 - Port to P7 : fix inc...
Dr. Geo II 17.07 trunk 2017-07-01
Dr. Geo II 16.10 trunk 2016-10-01
Dr. Geo II 16.03 trunk 2016-03-31
Dr. Geo II 15.12 trunk 2015-11-30
Dr. Geo II 15.09 trunk 2015-09-01
Dr. Geo II 15.07 trunk 2015-01-01
Dr. Geo II 15.04 trunk 2015-01-01
Dr. Geo II 14.12 trunk 2014-12-15
Dr. Geo II 14.10 "Chanterelle" trunk 2014-10-15
Dr. Geo II 14.07 "Athens landing" trunk 2014-07-05 The port of DrGeo to Pharo3 and the new Athens canvas.
Dr. Geo II 13.10 trunk 2013-10-31
Dr. Geo II 13.08 "Taiwan flower" trunk 2013-08-20
Dr. Geo II 13.06 trunk 2013-07-01
Dr. Geo II 13.04 "Spring time" trunk 2013-04-30
Dr. Geo II 12.12 "Christmas time" trunk 2012-12-31
Dr. Geo II 12.10 "Autumn time" trunk 2012-10-01
Dr. Geo II 12.07 "Summer time" trunk 2012-06-30 July release
Dr. Geo II 12.03 trunk 2012-03-31