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Cirrus Milestone Created

Written for Drizzle by Jay Pipes on 2008-08-22

The first milestone for Drizzle has been created: "Cirrus". Currently, the milestone includes the following targeted functionality:

* Clean up of the code style
* Removal of custom libraries for regex, mysys, dbug
* Use of Google Proto Buffers in place of current discovery system and .frm files
* Overhaul of testing framework
* Standardization on stdint
* Removal of all compiler warnings

Some of this work has already been completed, and we now look for suggestions on what should be targeted for Cirrus. Feel free to post to the drizzle-discuss mailing list your suggestions for inclusion.

Keep in mind that the milestone is merely a target and a direction to drive towards.



Buildbot Now Accepting Slaves

Written for Drizzle by Jay Pipes on 2008-07-29

Thanks to the wonderful work of Ronald Bradford, a buildbot is now up and running for Drizzle and is accepting BuildSlaves. Not familiar with Buildbot? It's a tool which allows continuous and automated building and testing of a project with a public web-based interface showing which platforms are building and testing cleanly, and which developer has messed up a build or test ;)

Adding one of your machines as a BuildSlave (a machine which performs the build and test) is quite easy, and Ronald has set up a few wiki pages describing the process:

We very much encourage folks who have access to larger or unusual platforms to become BuildSlaves so that the development team can verify builds and tests for a larger variety of platforms.

Thanks very much to Ronald for all the great work on this up to now and his company 42SQL for hosting the buildmaster!

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