Jay is a Director of Engineering at Mirantis. He leads a team that develops core and ecosystem projects in the OpenStack community.

Before Mirantis, he worked at AT&T, focusing on OpenStack development and operations. Previously, he was a Director of Engineering in HP's Open Source Cloud Services team, a development manager and software engineer at Rackspace Cloud, a software engineer at Sun Microsystems and the North American Community Relations Manager at MySQL. Co-author of Pro MySQL (Apress, 2005), Jay has also written articles for Linux Magazine and regularly assists developers in identifying how to make the most effective use of MySQL and other software.

He has given sessions on performance tuning at the MySQL Users Conference, RedHat Summit, NY PHP Conference, ZendCon, php-tek, OSCON, and Ohio LinuxFest, amongst others. He lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife, Julie, and his beloved dogs.

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Remaining work on shared resources for Pike for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Few things need to be completed for the shared resources work in Pike: 1) Rename "can_host" to "shared" on placement DB's resource_providers table (edit mriedem): Per discussion at the Pike PTG, this needs to change since we're going to use traits now: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/376198/ 2) Add InventoryList...
Support nested resource providers for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Add support for trees of resource providers. Canonical examples of nested resource providers include creating resource providers for each NUMA node on a compute host and resource providers for SRIOV-enabled physical functions on a compute host.
For some reason, nova.image does things differently than nova.volume and nova.network. Instead of nova.compute.manager instantiating a self.image_api object, like it does for self.network_api and self.volume_api, the compute manager calls an obtuse collection of nova.image.glance module calls. This blueprint is aro...
Create parsers for INSERT statements, including mysql extension for multi-value INSERTs
To avoid codesize bloat and minimize compile times, move all implementation out of header files and into implementation source files

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