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A sound level manager that nicely fades applications in and out based on their profile and window focus

What works now :
 - All volume adjustments are fades
 - Fade out music/video players on skype call
 - Fade to music player with focus when more than one
 - Fade out music player when video playing
 - Push sound to USB headsets on plugin
 - Switch existing to USB mic on input
 - Categories to assign to clients
 - Sniffs desktop files to guess application category ... music/video/VoIP
 - Simplified pref UI for creating rules
 - Volume sniffing to fix youtube video issue
 - PID matching
 - Reset volumes for streams on exit (so streams dont get stuck at a low level)
 - Updated simplified (yes even more) UI to include volume meters
 - Ability to manage multiple devices

Youtube Video (old version)

NOTE: Much of this functionality should / will be added to pulseaudio, if you know c help out at that there !!

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Latest version is 0.9
released on 2010-04-15

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