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Easy Crypt is simply a Graphical GUI of the simplest nature for the Security Command Line product TrueCrypt.

Easy Crypt has been accepted onto Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04)

Easy Crypt creates Crypts as files on existing file systems, it does not support full encrypted partitions, this is too advanced and dangerous for the intended audience: however a package name GDecrypt exists for this job

Easy Crypt works with TrueCrypt V4.3a and V5.1 (as of
And with 6.x ->: 6.1 (as of

Easy Crypt currently:

    * Stores preferences at ~/.config/easycrypt.conf
    * Makes a crypt for the user at ~/easycrypt-crypt
    * Allows users to select a size for the crypt
    * Allows users to select & change the crypt password
    * Allows users to mount and unmount the crypt
    * They are mounted at /media/crypt
    * Easy crypt looks for Truecrypt prompts download/install (deb package from truecrypt's website)
    * All interaction with Easy Crypt is done via a Status Icon in the Tray
    * The default encryption is Whirlpool
    * The default file type is FAT
    * The program is ready for multilingual support, via launchpad
    * All crypts are portable to other Operating systems

The Expert mode allows

    * Choice of crypt location
    * Multiple mounted crypts
    * Choice of crypt encryption algorithm
    * Choice of crypt hashing algorithm
    * Mount crypt as file name (option in preferences)
    * Extra Key files options for Creation and mounting
    * Option to change Inner File system to be FAT EXT2 EXT3
    * Choice of Crypt mount point

Future Enhancements

    * Option in Preferences : remember recent crypts

Easy Crypt is on Hardy

Easy Crypt is now available on my PPA,
to download and let it self update via Gnome Update Manager

Add the following to you /etc/apt/sources.list

deb hardy main restricted universe multiverse

then to install, run the following in a terminal

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install easycrypt

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Steven Harper
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