Ejecter 0.2.1 released!

Written for Ejecter by Federico Pelloni on 2009-02-18

Some small tweaks. Main new feature is scrolling support when device list would exceed screen size, however probably most people will never see this. Besides we have some improvements to the device handling code and, for developers or debugging, some more or better debug messages where put in.

Download it from here: http://launchpad.net/ejecter/1.0/0.2.1

Ejecter is a simple menu that sits in the system notification area, providing you a quick way to unmount external peripherals such as usb pendrives, cd/dvd, external hard disks and so.
It needs Gtk, Vala and Python.
Install it with
  ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
  sudo ./waf install

Run it from the command-line with "ejecter" or add it to startup applications:
it will sleep behind the scenes and show an icon in the system tray when one or more devices are connected to your computer.

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