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Life isn't fair. All distro's aren't created equal. Some are boring , others not as configurable as we want. Then we have Enlightenment, the window manager for the rest of us.

So why not have the eye-candy and configurability of Enlightenment, with the clean and beautiful design of Ubuntu Linux?

Elbuntu is based on the Ubuntu distro, but provides Enlightenment DR17. The objective of the Elbuntu community project is to provide the maximum eye candy for the end-user using the Enlightenment DR17 window manager and the
 related libraries.

Elbuntu doesn't contain Gnome , but only graphic libs. All the Enlightenment based software are included in the distro. Elbuntu is fast , like the E17 window manager.

Elbuntu uses the live/install CD method. To go towards making a live cd, E17 packages have been uploaded at
 This is a mirror of the enlightenment repo for ubuntu available at
Please read the installing section on how to install E17 to your current Ubuntu installation. You can find information on the Elbuntu website :

Ebuntu aims to provide an enhanced and attractive user-interface. The secondary aim of Elbuntu is to show off the eye-candy capabilites of the linux operating system in general and Ubuntu in particular

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