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Mihai Niculescu
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3 Mihai Niculescu
1 Needs Infrastructure
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download icon equalx-0.6.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Version 0.6.0 is ready for Linux. A Windows supported version will be available soon 187
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Release notes 

Most notable features:
* More files are supported files types (eps,ps,pdf, svg, png,jpg,tex), but some are gone (gif, tif, root)
* Added more environments: display, inline(which were before), align and text.
* Added button "Reset Defaults" in the Preferences dialog
* Now Preamble can be toggle from a button in mainwindow
* Reported errors by latex output are highlighted in Equation editor and
  Preamble editor. A nice sign shows along the line number also.
* modified UI mainwindow and polished it for better smaller layout
* Added a nice preloader to show instead of the equation while the RenderEngine generates the files
* Added a context actions menu (copy/paste) for the Preview
* Default export can be changed in the preferences dialog to any supported files (eps,ps,pdf, svg, png,jpg,tex)
+ many changes


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Equation library to store generated equations. Equation library to store generated equations. 5 Essential   3 Needs Infrastructure
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1072287 #1072287 Doesn't work on Windows 2 Critical Mihai Niculescu  9 Fix Committed
1122732 #1122732 Can't see anything on the Equation png 2 Critical Mihai Niculescu  10 Fix Released
1133207 #1133207 Default font size for equation 5 Low Mihai Niculescu  10 Fix Released
1178680 #1178680 About Links not working 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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