Registered 2008-10-06 by Kamil Páral

Program for sending SMS over the Internet. Anyone can write support for additional gateways.

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Kamil Páral
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trunk series 

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Programming Languages:
Java, JavaScript
GNU Affero GPL v3

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Esmska trunk series is the current focus of development

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  • Esmska 1.8 on 2014-07-02
    Esmska 1.8 has been released. Download:
  • Esmska 1.7 on 2014-06-22
    Esmska 1.7 has been released. Download:
  • Java WebStart support removed on 2014-03-07
    Recent Oracle Java updates disabled Java WebStart applications with self-sign...
  • Esmska 1.6 on 2013-12-20
    Esmska 1.6 has been released. Download:
  • Esmska 1.5 on 2013-12-05
    Esmska 1.5 has been released. Download: