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The Desktop App for Facebook is an Ubuntu application written in PyGtk that displays the Facebook website. It gives you access to your Friends, Messages, your favourite Facebook games and a lot of other cool stuff.

The Facebook application is written in Python and GTK, designed with Glade and created with Quickly.

The Desktop App for Facebook display the Facebook website and offers many features like buttons for the friends, friend requests, messages, groups, games, notifications, interests and many other sites.

You can also visit the mobile page of Facebook, i.e. for smaller screens.

The integrated search bar is perfect for searching for friends, places, events and much more things.

This app was created and written during and for the Ubuntu App Developer Showdown Contest (18th June - 9th July 2012).

If you want to contribute to this project, please contact me, the leader of the project (~folke-schwinning).

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Latest version is 1.1.4
released on 2012-08-27

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