Release of ffDiaporama 2.1

Written for ffDiaporama by domledom on 2014-02-18

For this new version, major improvments are:

Geolocation projects
-It is now possible to geotag projects globally or by chapter
-Google Maps maps can be added in the titles and in the slides
-New dynamic variables are added on geolocation

Improved music track
-From now, the options for pause and volume are available from the first slide on which are positioned music tracks
-Drag & drop is improved to allow movement "using mouse" of music tracks from one slide to another

Improved rendering
-Adding "variable bitrate" mode for encoding which reduces quite dramatically the size of videos produced for projects containing mostly pictures
-Adding a hundred new models of equipment (phones and tablets)

Improved quality of transitions
-Nearly half of the LUMA transitions have been redone (a quarter of the total transitions) to reduce noise (inelegant pixels) on projects in HD

and above all, numerous bug fixes.

One thank you in all those who collaborated to this new version.
This new version is now available on the download page.

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