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Release notes 

Fluidity 4.1.5 is a point-release in the 4.1 series. Key changes include updates to porous media code, an update of libspud to bring in a new upstream version, a number of shortenings to medium tests, and a number of fixes to tools.


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** Fluidity Release 4.1.5 (lp:fluidity r3953)

Changelog for Fluidity 4.1.5 since 4.1.4

* General updates to Porous Media:
  - Tidy up, improv, test and documen the single phase porous media Darcy
     flow model.
  - Remove the porosity from the DG_CourantNumber and ControlVolumeCFLNumber
     diagnostic fields.
  - Add three new diagnostic fields being
     InterstitialVelocityCGCourantNumber, InterstitialVelocityCVCourantNumber
     and InterstitialVelocityDGCourantNumber which are only for porous media
     flow where the Darcy velocity (= porosity * interstitial velocity) is
     solved for.
  - Add a copy of a short darcy flow test case that now discretises the tracer
     with DG using subcycling and adaptive time stepping related to the new
     interstitial velocity courant number fields.
  - Add a routine in assemble/Porous_Media.F90 to find the theta averaged
     porosity field, to avoid a code copy in the adv-diff CG/CV/DG routines.

* Upstream libspud update, bringing local copy to lp:spud r520
* General update of test options file to match the libspud update
* Build-system fixes to solve install problems as per bug lp:920446
* Intel-specific fixes to remove overruns in quoted strings
* Fix for SampleNetCDF which is used in tidal boundary conditions.
* Minor tolerance adjustments to tests
* Reducing the run-time of longer 'medium' tests
* Fix to avoid memory blowup in update_options
* Numbering in gmsh2triangle removed to fix bug lp:947049
* Added a tool to radially scale .vtu files on the sphere.
* Fix to tool create_param_sweep

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920446 #920446 distutils ignores leading / of prefix in some circumstances 4 Medium Tim Greaves  10 Fix Released
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