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Forge is intended to be an application to integrate typical howtos found on the web to fix or add features to linux. When completed it should allow one to read, edit, and fetch howtos from different servers,and allow direct execution of terminal commands (through an embbedded terminal).

The idea of this project is to centralize and integrate with the desktop different howtos produced by the comunnity, much of wich are currently all around the web. An xml file format will be defined to specify different parts (for instance, sections, subsections, steps, common problems, workarounds) and actions that can be performed directly from the application (for instance, running commands on an embbedded vte).
Forge will be implemented then at first, as a simple reader and editor for these files, featuring an interface with an embbedded terminal and a tree view to make navigation on this files easier. According to the reception and the opinions received by this first implementation, the implementation of servers to host and distribute these howtos, and of Forge as a client to connect to them will be considered.
The final idea would be that a howto could be writen and "posted" directly from Forge to a specified server (allowing also future modifications), allow users to contribute with translations directly from the application, search for howtos and view them in the reader, bookmark howtos, etc...

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