GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain 4.6-2012-q4-update

Update in Q4 2012. Last 4.6 update. EOL

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GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain
Joey Ye
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download icon gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_6-2012q4-20121016.exe (md5) Windows installer 77,104
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download icon gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_6-2012q4-20121016.tar.bz2 (md5) Linux installation tarball 38,831
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download icon gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_6-2012q4-20121016-src.tar.bz2 (md5) Source package 7,835
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Release notes 

Release notes for
GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors
                           - October 2012

This release includes the following items:
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Windows host
* Bare metal EABI pre-built binaries for running on a Linux host
* Source code package (together with build scripts and instructions to setup
  build environment), composed of:
  * gcc : ARM/embedded-4_6-branch revision 192487

  * binutils : 2.21 with mainline backports
    branch: binutils-2_21-branch@47639bbc8b5fd6cf58aeefafbc99e0b1227d357c

  * newlib : 1.19 with mainline backports

  * gdb : 7.3.1 with mainline backports, without target sim support
    branch: gdb_7_3-branch@5c912c6308dbb9c3163b60381c8f3ee037e28d2b

  * cloog-ppl 0.15.11 :

  * expat 2.0.1 :

  * gmp 4.3.2 :

  * libelf 0.8.13 :

  * libiconv 1.11.1 :

  * mpc 0.8.1 :

  * mpfr 2.4.2 :

  * ppl 0.11 :

  * zlib 1.2.5 with makefile patch :

Supported hosts:
* Windows XP/7 32/64 bits (with installer)
* Linux 32/64 bits (tarball)
  - Ubuntu 8.x/9.x/10.x
  - RHEL 4/5

Supported target OS:
* Bare metal EABI only

* All GCC 4.6 features, plus latest mainline features
  * Cortex-M0+/M0/M1/M3 support
  * Cortex-M4 with hard float multilib support
  * Cortex-R4/R5 with hard float multilib support
  * Fixed point fraction support

* Tested on a variety of Cortex-M0/M3/M4 boards
* Tested on Qemu

Important bugs fixed in 4.6 update 2012.10 release:
* Fix that GDB on Windows may hang if gdb server is connected via a pipe and
  sends message from stderr before stdout
* Don't pull-in unwinding symbols for 64-bit division
* Depend on system libncurse to avoid gdbtui issue

Important bugs fixed in 4.6 update 2012.6 release:
* Fix gdb failed to set a breakpoint on Windows
* Fix Internal Compiler Errors
* misplaced memory barrier
* Wrong code for ARMv4T and stmia
* Miscompilation in *minmax_arithsi
* Incorrect code produced for tail-call of weak function
* Compiler dead loop when using cold attribute
* Fix 4.7 build 4.6 problem
* Fix one "branch out of range" error
* Fix 'offsetof' to a non-constant address
* Wrong code when with thumb mode memcpy
* Undesirable folding in "m" constrained asm operands
* Fix optimizing volatile data
* Fix endless recursion in phi_translate
* Fix unaligned memory accesses generated for memcpy

Important bugs fixed in 4.6 update 2012.3 release:
* C++ global constructor not invoked
* A fixed point faction test failure
* Solved problem when building library with -ffunction-sections
* ARM EABI violation when passing arguments to helper functions
* Updated the Binutils to correctly merge the DIV attributes from
  different binaries.

Important bugs fixed in 4.6 major 2011.12 release:
* Incorrect stack variable access after stack pointer restored.
* Incorrect armv7-m epilogue of interrupt handler
* Access unaligned packed structure members
* Strict volatile bitfield bug


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