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GChildCare will be a simple, user-friendly et secure parental children protection software for ubuntu (first, and then, back to other distributions).
Actually, there is no easy frontend for user to enable/disable and configure parental control. This project aims at fix this using already existing components but providing an easy-to-use GUI so that parents may not fear to use Ubuntu for their children regarding the Internet site control.

Just sign up to get involved in this project. The first deadline release of a usable version (0.1) is for Jaunty (9.04). All the work will be focused on the GUI, following HIG, as all the needed tools are available by command lines and configuration files.

This GUI will have two sides:
- one frontend (GUI, etc.) which will try to be as neutral as possible (ie GTK-based in a first attempt, and then, try to configure to make it also compatible with QT, switching between the libraries or providing 2 binary versions)
- one backend (connection to several solutions, one default will be automatically chosen).

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