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A user friendly interface for devilspie.

Devils Pie is an application that allows you to run a particular application inside a particular workspace within your GNOME panner in a particular manor.

For example, you might be running a panner with 5 workspace. In workspace 2, you may prefer to run Terminator (maximized). In workspace 3, you might run Iceowl (minimized). In workspace 4, Iceweasel and in workspace 5, Claws-Mail.

By editing the configuration file to run the above applications in each of the mentioned workspace, you can simply launch the applications and Devils Pie will direct the applications to the defined workspace while using your defined setting for that application (minimized, maximized etc).

gDevils Pie is a graphical front-end for editing the Devils Pie configuration file. gDevils Pie also allows you to stop and start the Devils Pie daemon.

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Latest version is gdevilspie-0.31-0ubuntu5
released on 2010-06-09

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  • gDevilspie - Released on 2010-05-03
    I have packaged the original source code for Debian. Here is the complete deb...