Gearman Java 0.05

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Gearman Java
Eric Lambert
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download icon gearman-java-0.5.jar (md5, sig) jar file 598
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download icon gearman-java-0.5-sources.jar (md5, sig) source files 228
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Release notes 

Mainly a minor bug fix release. I am using the 0.5 release as opportunity to release some fixes that have languished in the trunk for too long as a starting point for rekindling activity on this project.


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 * removed hardcoded port numbers used by some tests
 * Calling closeSession on a GearmanJobServerSession that is not open no longer results in an exception being raised.
 * Change logging to use slf4j facility
 * Use Hashtable to track client sessions (possible fix to 689330).
 * Mavenize builds
 * Fix bug 693477, Gearman server restart can cause NullPointerException in connected worker
 * Client is more resilient to bouncing JobServer connections
 * Worker no longer blocks on function execution when function is executed via an ExecutionService.
 * Execution Services can now be used to execute functions within a worker.

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635465 #635465 gearmanclient in 0.04 leaks like a sieve 2 Critical   3 Invalid
689330 #689330 NullPointerException thrown from GearmanClientImpl.shutdownNow 4 Medium Eric Lambert  10 Fix Released
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