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Easy navigation to the source of Python exceptions

This package consists of two parts:
* send_tracebacks, a Python module that can replace the exception- and/or
   warning-hook, so that messages are not only written to stdout, but send
   over D-Bus to the gedit plugin.
* Python Traceback, a gedit plugin that provides the D-Bus interface and
   shows the received message in the bottom pane. If a row is activated by
   a double click or enter key, the file is opened at the relevant line.

There are different ways to use the plugin:
* Redirect tracebacks from every Python process on your system
   by modifing /etc/pythonX.Y/
* Redirect tracebacks just for a single Python application,
   by modifing the app.
* Send an arbitrary message to gedit.

See also README and the examples

Version 1.2 of this plugin is for gedit 3.8 and 3.10.
For gedit 3.0 to 3.6 use gedit-python-traceback 1.1.

Packages for Ubuntu are available in the PPA of the Gedit BC Developer Group:
For Ubuntu 16.04 and above the plugins in the PPA don't work with gedit from the offizial Ubuntu archive. Remove all gedit packages and install gedit310 (and gedit310-plugins) from the PPA.

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