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germinal is a simple, minimal and elegant terminal for Linux.


 - It remembers window position and size. So when you launch germinal it'll position itself where you left it last.
 - It's single instance. There's only ever one running instance of germinal. And your desktop or window manager will always take you to it.
 - It's designed to be used with a terminal multiplexer such as tmux or screen. As such germinal doesn't have tabs.
 - It has an ultra minimal user interface. It has no menus, tabs, statusbars, toolbars, scrollbars, or assorted fluff.
 - It has almost no configuration. Only fonts and custom shells can be configured. There will be support for themes later.
 - It's fast.

Keyboard Shortcut:

 ctrl+shift+c copy selected text.
 ctrl+shift+v paste copied selection.
 ctrl+q quits germinal.
 F11 switches germinal to fullscreen mode.
 F12 shows the configuration window.
 Right mouse button shows the context menu.

Software Requirements:

 - python 2.6
 - python bindings for dbus
 - python bindings for vte
 - python bindings for gtk


 I found myself reconfiguring, resizing, or repositioning GNOME Terminal everytime I installed or launched it. I got tired of doing all that. So I wrote germinal. I also have a sinful obsession for simple and minimal apps. I'm sure I'm not the only one cursed, or blessed, with this fetish.

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