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The Geyser Project is at it’s very base, a notification system. Sounds kinda boring and I’ll agree there are many of them out there. However the Geyser Projects main aim is to get the information you need to you, in the way you want it. Say you like getting the latest news straight to your mobile…..Geyser will do it.

The Geyser Project will be based very heavily on the idea of plugins and configuration. Allow me a few minutes to explain. An input plugin will go and get the data, pass it to the Geyser daemon, which will then send the data on to the output plugin. The tying together of these plugins creates a notification. Basically you’ll pick and input plugin, configure it, pick and output plugin, configure it, and you’ll start receiving the data when and where you want it.

The best part is that these configurations will be saved with names, kind of like bookmarks. The benefit of this is that you may want to have several input plugins send an email to Lisa. It makes no sense to configure the output plugin three times for each notification. So, once you’ve configured it the first time, the configuration is given a name, something like Send email to Lisa. Then you can use this saved configuration over and over again. The great thing is, if Lisa ever changes her email address, we just need to edit the saved configuration for Send email to Lisa, and nothing more.

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