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A small Python tool for shell access to GNOME keyring. It provides a simple way to query and create keyring items.

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Kamil Páral
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GNU Affero GPL v3

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Latest version is 0.2.4

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  • gkeyring moves to github on 2012-12-09
    The source code and the issue tracker is now moved to github: https://github....
  • gkeyring 0.2.4 on 2011-06-07
    gkeyring 0.2.4 was released. You can easily install or update gkeyring by co...
  • gkeyring 0.2.3 on 2010-09-26
    gkeyring 0.2.3 was released. You can now easily install gkeyring by command:...
  • gkeyring uses Flattr! on 2010-08-16
    gkeyring now supports Flattr. If you like gkeyring you can flatter it: https:...
  • gkeyring 0.2.2 on 2010-06-02
    gkeyring 0.2.2 has been released.