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Glade interface engine for scripts

Glade2script (aka "g2s") allows a script (bash, python or other) to display and interact with a GUI created with Glade.

Eg, it is very convenient for Bash developers who need a GUI more complex than Zenity windows.

Most of the opportunities offered by GTK are available. A terminal (vte) and/or webkit are integrable. One can also embed an external application that supports it natively, like mplayer or gvim. A plugin system was added to extend G2S capability.

Documentation, many examples, and an interface giving access to the archive supports (simply launch

2 versions are available: GTK2 and GTK3 version.

Glade2script is already used by several softwares, such as Boot-Repair, OS-Uninstaller, Debeditor, DeskWall, GUnity, LaunchBash, Malokal, mkv_extractor_gui_v4, Screencastor, Sylaba2, Xee, Zenitor.

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