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Multiplication Puzzle is a simple game wherein a multiplication problem is shown with all digits replaced by letters. Your job is to guess which letters represents which numbers.

Note: Multiplication Puzzle is not actively maintained. If interested in helping out with the development of Multiplication Puzzle, please join the development team ( and its mailing list.

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Multiplication Puzzle Administrators
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Latest version is 8.0
released on 2011-04-13

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  • 8.0 Released on 2011-04-13
    * Ported to Vala 0.12 * Ported to GTK+ 3 * Updated Dutch, English (UK), Frenc...
  • 7.3 Released on 2010-04-06
    * Fix odd drag icons when in compiz * Updated Afrikaans, Brazilian Portuguese...
  • Version 7.2 Released on 2009-05-12
    * Updated for vala 0.7.1 * Updated German, Spanish, and Swedish translations ...
  • Version 7.1 Released on 2009-01-11
    * Updated Ido and Swedish translations * New Greek, Polish, and Spanish trans...
  • 7.0 Released on 2008-09-21
    Now you can guess via the keyboard or by drag & drop. Added a Hint menu opti...