GNOME Activity Journal 0.5.0

Written for GNOME Activity Journal by Siegfried Gevatter on 2010-08-24


Since the last release, we included some new features (but postponed others). Alongside multiple bug fixes, major changes and features include:

 - Improved start-up time
 - Better support for Tomboy and websites
 - An experimental toolbar (screenshots below) providing:
  * Access to “MultiView”, “TimelineView”, and “ThumbView”
  * Improved search tool (please let us know, what you think of it)
  * Preferences (experimental Blacklists extension)
 - Makeover of the visual appearance


What to expect with the next releases:

 - A highlighting of categories containing search results
 - Category tooltip, so that users can peek into collapsed categories
 - More tooltip previews
 - Improved widget caching
 - Search on all views
 - Improved search experience
 - More keyboard shortcuts
 - Accessibility

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