Registered 2010-01-30 by Michael Lamothe

A simple media player for GNOME that supports libvlc, xine-lib and libgstreamer.

Different media players are good at playing different media types. The goal is to combine multiple engines into a consistent user interface so users can switch between engines without having to retrain themselves to use a different UI. This project is aimed at novice users and its scope will probably not expand past anything other than a simple media player.

GNOME Media Player:

* has a GNOME/GTK interface
* does double-click fullscreen
* can use the mouse scroll wheel
* uses libvlc, xine-lib or libgstreamer
* a playlist that loops
* middle mouse button pause
* can deinterlace (not available on the libgstreamer engine)


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0.2 series is the current focus of development.


Latest version is 0.1.3
released on 2010-05-28

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