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Some good new progress

Written for GNOME Serial by Jim Hodapp on 2011-02-02

Code using the Boost::asio library is coming along as well as the ability to add a new serial port connection with a new main window tab. A new tab and connection are dynamically generated as of the latest commit tonight, however the serial port device path is still hard coded to "/dev/ttyUSB0" for now. I am planning for the next commit (or slightly later) to make this completely dynamic.

Changing serial port code

Written for GNOME Serial by Jim Hodapp on 2011-01-10

I'm currently changing the basic serial port handling code from a native POSIX API implementation to instead use Boost's boost::asio::serial_port class. This should provide ease of implementation and also maintainability. It also makes my code much more cross platform, which is a goal for this program.

Code posted

Written for GNOME Serial by Jim Hodapp on 2011-01-08

Basic source code has been posted. It's extremely basic and not very useful yet, but the platform to do more advanced things is there and more useful features will be coming soon.

Basic source code coming

Written for GNOME Serial by Jim Hodapp on 2011-01-07

The first post of the source code to gnome-serial is coming this weekend. It'll be simple and ugly but it will be posted and it will do very basic serial port communications. Right now I've been using my Actel SmartFusion devkit with a UART echo program to test gnome-serial's functionality. If you don't have one of these kits, head on over to and check one out.

Still alive

Written for GNOME Serial by Jim Hodapp on 2010-05-03

I am working on RxTx a bit more tonight and wanted to let everyone know that this project is still alive. Anyone interested in helping out, let me know. I'd welcome someone else who is interested in creating a superb communications program for GNOME.

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