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GNOME Serial is an RS232 port terminal application that is specifically designed and integrated to work well with the GNOME desktop. It supports features like managing multiple serial ports at once each in separate tabs, notifications of data events with the GNOME notification system, forwarding a local RS232 data connection over a network, and many other advanced features.

Although GNOME Serial is first being designed for the GNOME desktop on Linux, hopefully in the future it will be ported to work just as well on different desktop environments and different operating systems.

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Jim Hodapp
Jim Hodapp
Simplified BSD Licence

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  • Some good new progress on 2011-02-02
    Code using the Boost::asio library is coming along as well as the ability to ...
  • Changing serial port code on 2011-01-10
    I'm currently changing the basic serial port handling code from a native POSI...
  • Code posted on 2011-01-08
    Basic source code has been posted. It's extremely basic and not very useful y...
  • Basic source code coming on 2011-01-07
    The first post of the source code to gnome-serial is coming this weekend. It'...
  • Still alive on 2010-05-03
    I am working on RxTx a bit more tonight and wanted to let everyone know that ...