Ground Control 1.6

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Ground Control
Martin Owens
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1 Ezra Reeves, 8 Martin Owens, 1 Łukasz Jernaś
2 Implemented
8 Fix Released

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download icon groundcontrol-1.6.6.tar.gz (md5, sig) Fixed Release 234
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon groundcontrol-1.6.5.tar.gz (md5, sig) 1.6.5 70
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
Total downloads: 304

Release notes 

Release the fixes we have gained so far and call this finale.


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    - Fix the duplicates error with a new optional check for lists (LP: #567694)
    - Refresh translation strings and merge in with lp translations.
    - Add new projects icon
    - Finally fix the login problems with launchpad.
    - Fix network manager bug that assumes you have nm installed.
    - Fix logging issues
    - Update logging and debugging, use new setting.
    - Redact passwords from logs.
    - Add configuration file and option for launchpad server (LP: #527874)
    - Merge in nautilus windowtranslation services (LP: #520904)
    - Fixes translations (LP: #520904)
    - Display custom buttons on bug fixes too.
    - Add development emblem and allowpackage emblem for any gcpackage.

2 blueprints and 8 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Ground Control Lucid Collaborate On Project Ground Control Lucid Collaborate On Project 5 Essential Martin Owens  11 Implemented
Ground Control Lucid Fix a Bug Ground Control Lucid Fix a Bug 4 High Martin Owens  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
523204 #523204 Errors should always be logged and shown to user 2 Critical Martin Owens  10 Fix Released
523590 #523590 GC depends on NetworkManager in source 2 Critical Martin Owens  10 Fix Released
527978 #527978 Please package groundcontrol 1.6.5-1. [Launchpad now using openid breaks login] 2 Critical Martin Owens  10 Fix Released
520904 #520904 Localisation broken 3 High Łukasz Jernaś  10 Fix Released
527874 #527874 Need a way to temporarily switch to the staging server. 3 High Martin Owens  10 Fix Released
522966 #522966 Fetch Branch dialog: Local branch name still claims to be required when field is insensitive 4 Medium Martin Owens  10 Fix Released
567694 #567694 GC gives a duplicate result 4 Medium Martin Owens  10 Fix Released
537412 #537412 Causes Nautilus Segfault if NetworkManager is not installed 1 Undecided Ezra Reeves  10 Fix Released
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