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Create and edit LaTeX documents and Lilypond scores.

Guayule is a frontend to LaTeX and Lilypond typesetting engines, written entirely in Vala using GTK. It features a clean and uncluttered user interface, syntax highlighting, code completion, an automated build and error tracking system and an integrated PDF previewer supporting forward and inverse search.

The unique feature of Guayule is that it also handles forward and inverse search for .lytex documents, i.e. LaTeX documents containing Lilypond blocks handled with the lilypond-book script, which makes editing musicological documents as easy as editing the plain LaTeX files.

The main goal of the project is to create a program for the GNOME desktop which will handle LaTeX as well as Lilypond source files and the combination of both, while keeping the build process automated and simple, accessible via the single click or keystroke. The design and functionality are inspired by Scratch text editor (document view, auto-save feature, Zeitgeist integration, preferences window and welcome screen), Evince (PDF preview), Frescobaldi (Lilypond syntax highlighting and shortcut commands), TeXmacs (useful "programmed" shortcuts when editing LaTeX dcuments, especially in math mode) and LaTeXila (compilation log view).

Additional features include:
 * auto save files
 * quick insertion of predefined snippets
 * very fast entering of LaTeX math expressions
 * compact view mode with text editor and preview stacked above another
 * continuous preview update mode, which works well with smaller LaTeX documents
 * context sensitive autocompletion of Lilypond commands
 * setting the master file for the current session

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Luka Marohnić
Luka Marohnić

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