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Note: Unofficial project of Ubuntu or Canonical.

This project is aimed to provide info and tips for Ubuntu GNOME Shell uers. As you know, Unity is Ubuntu's standard desktop environment since Ubuntu 11.04. But it caused a number of Ubuntu fans dispointed and frustarted. They may say, 'We like GNOME Shell ,not Unity, Ubuntu !'
We need your help to proceed the Gubuntu project , such as art...

our project website are under construction now. We need you:

1-Artist - we need you to design a logo for Gubuntu, one Gubuntu theme for website based the CMS Drupal.
2-Project community memebers - if you are one member of this project administrative council, you can have advanced privileges to vote and make desicions for Gubuntu project.
3-ISO maintainer - If you like , you can teach everyone how to make a native GNOME Shell Ubuntu ISO.

You can join our team at launchpad ( Welcome ! The Gubuntu-project team is open to all.

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