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Harpia is a visual environment (block diagrams) for creation, evaluation and implementation of image processing algorithms or computer vision systems using OpenCV. A screencast of the software being used can be found at Source files can be found at:

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  • Accepted! on 2009-07-17
    It's done! Go apt-get it! If you are on Jaunty, add my ppa or pick it up here...
  • Uploaded to the Karmic Koala archive on 2009-07-14
    The official package (version 1.0) has passed the revu phase and is now waiti...
  • Package in my PPA on 2009-03-29
    Hi all, apparently I managed to package Harpia correctly and just uploaded it...
  • Complying Process Started on 2009-02-16
    This project is really mature and all (as you can see in the downloads page) ...