OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) 2013.1.3

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OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Alan Pevec
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2 Akihiro Motoki, 1 Dirk Mueller, 1 Ionuț Arțăriși, 5 Julie Pichon, 4 Kieran Spear, 1 Ryan Petrello
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14 Fix Released

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download icon horizon-2013.1.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) Horizon 2013.1.3 release 584
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This is Horizon 2013.1.3 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1207599 #1207599 Test failing due to latest version of openstack_auth 2 Critical Julie Pichon  10 Fix Released
1196823 #1196823 New keystoneclient properties break testsuite 3 High Julie Pichon  10 Fix Released
1096084 #1096084 Unclear error when deleting a Swift container that contains data 4 Medium Kieran Spear  10 Fix Released
1158596 #1158596 Cant disassociate floating IP from instance panel when using Quantum 4 Medium Ionuț Arțăriși  10 Fix Released
1165095 #1165095 Exception when editing (some) Quantum security rules 4 Medium Julie Pichon  10 Fix Released
1170193 #1170193 Duplicate Networks in Networking Tab 4 Medium Julie Pichon  10 Fix Released
1199086 #1199086 Display of port and CIDR network topology labels is messy 4 Medium Ryan Petrello  10 Fix Released
1172222 #1172222 Deprecation warnings in webserver log 5 Low Dirk Mueller  10 Fix Released
1177629 #1177629 'msgid' format string with unnamed arguments cannot be properly localized in dashboards/project/instances/workflows/ 5 Low Kieran Spear  10 Fix Released
1180316 #1180316 Passed variables in template not translated 5 Low Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1182075 #1182075 TypeError for cinder problems 5 Low Kieran Spear  10 Fix Released
1199206 #1199206 Handle None display name for boot from volume 5 Low Julie Pichon  10 Fix Released
1207442 #1207442 grizzly: translation PO files are out-of-date 5 Low Akihiro Motoki  10 Fix Released
1100771 #1100771 Selenium tests failing with socket timeout error 6 Wishlist Kieran Spear  10 Fix Released
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